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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Re: [AlternativeAnswers] UTIs


Emotional and physical stress and toxins in food, air and water are the primary
cause of disease. These things harm one's immune system and drain one's energy.

The keys to good health, wellness and prevention are the free flow of chi energy
without negative energy blockage, a high nutrient diet and mega vitamins,
supplements and trace minerals and exercise. We need to cultivate a lot of
energy, inner peace, peace of mind, and high vibrations. We need to cleanse and
heal the energy body and build up the physical body at the same time.

requires daily use of specific techniques including stress reduction techniques
and strategies, daily chakra cleansing and balancing meditation, white light,
zone out and other types of meditation in the heart, prayer from the heart,
positive thinking techniques and purging of negative energy and painful
memories. It also requires visualization techniques and positive affirmations.

high nutrient diet is required - fresh vegetables and fruit and mega vitamins,
supplements and trace minerals (especially vitamins B (B6 and B 12 especially),
C, D, E and K along with trace minerals supplements, fish oil and Co Q 10.

-Please see my book entitled The Road to Healing, Good health and Wellness. It contains specific techniques for prevention and healing. It is available at amazon.com, kindle and barens and noble.com .

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Make sure you are taking a high quality multiple vitamin. You might be
deficient in vitamins & minerals.


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