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Saturday, February 18, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: colon cancer


well recently i read a lot of information on PubMed that there was an inverse relationship between taking supplements like vitamin c, vitamin a and vitamin e in developing cancer and this was verified by a number of different groups of researchers. now i'm not suggesting that it will cure it, but if it can be used as a preventative there may be some sort of therapeutic action. i know for a fact that buffered intravenous vitamin c has been used for over 40 years to treat cancer as a stand alone protocol but completely ignored and actually discredited in the 1970's but now there are 38 teaching hospitals using it to treat cancer and the real irony is they are not only following dosages established in the 1970's they're actually applying the entire diet and meditative practice that was scorned decades ago...

here's one for instance... it's the University of Kansas Medical school's Infusion clinic... please check it out as i personally know 7 people who have used the protocol including myself but in my case it was for a none cancerous application...


when we take in standardized vitamin c, a lot of it is unused and eliminated through the urine but there's a form of vitamin c called phospholidic vitamin c that is almost 100% used by the body due to a lipid molecule being directly attached to the vitamin c molecule... vitamin c is an incredible booster of mitochondrial function they've discovered years ago but a cancer cell can not metabolize the vitamin c due to the uniqueness of it's own metabolism and it begins to rapidly generate high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide within the cancer cell itself and this kills the cancer cell... if you know anything regarding bottled hydrogen peroxide you know it highly diluted yet can kill pathogens quickly as it oxidizes them...

Otto Warburg discovered many things regarding cancer in the 1930's, so much so he actually won the Nobel prize for it and Linus Pauling, who won 2 Nobel prizes, one in chemistry and one for world PeaCe used this information and buffered vitamin c to a neutral 7.40 and used anywhere between 100-150 grams per session... this stuff really works and i know for a fact they are teaching young MD's in medical school how to use it... I'd encourage you to go to the website and look into it and in the meantime I'd be using 2-3 grams of phospholidic vitamin c every hour minimum... large doses of vitamin c are not going to hurt him, i know people who are living vibrant lives who take in upwards of 10-15 grams of vitamin c each day although all of them are using the standard form of vitamin c... i'm in good health and i personally use 5 grams of phospholidic c throughout the day in divided doses,. i take 1 gram 5 times per day...

absolutely NO SUGAR!!!, dairy, wheat/gluton, red meat... basically follow an alkaline diet... you want to COMPLETELY eliminate ANY food that can even REMOTELY be linked to INFLAMMATION... drink at least 8 glasses of water each day... consider using a high quality probiotic like this one... use a high quality, high poetency vitamin mineral supplement and also seriously consider using a very high quality milk thistle as this will aid the liver and anything that detoxes and enhances liver function is a dynamic thing to use in order to combat any disease... this is just through my own personal experience though...


it may seem strange to even consider a good probiotic but a good probiotic will help boost the immune system and balance it out as well as insure better absorption of foods... also think about adding/ using digestive enzymes... they are relatively cheap and very important for anyone over 40 to consider using everyday...

this also may seem strange but adopting a meditative practice where he breathes in through his nose and out of his mouth, breathing from the diaphragm, not the chest... raising the belly with each breathe and thinking positive thoughts or visualizing that the cancer is dying with each breathe that he takes... you may not be willing to buy into this but there is a direct connection between mind/body... body/mind... somatic psychology... mindfulness... mindfulness meditation... go for walks in the fresh air, even if you have to go with him and breathe the way i suggested... all of this will boost the lymphatic system which is critical right now especially...

please check out that website, i may be able to help locate someone who is familiar with the protocols, i can't promise i'll find a web resource but i do promise that i'll check for one... in the meantime there are two integrative medicine organizations who apply it... one is ACAM and the other is NCCAM...

i really wish you the best throughout all of this and i'll say a prayer to the great spirit on both of your behalf this evening, i promise...


--- In AlternativeAnswers@yahoogroups.com, alia robinson <aliar4@...> wrote:
> My mother had colon cancer in 2008 and my dad just got diagnosed, could someone post on it, diet anything that could help. He is going into surgery asap. thanks.
> Alia

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