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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Thank You, Andrew


I don't think I've ever posted on this group, but I just wanted to thank Andrew for all of his knowledge and experience that he shares with everyone. I've been reading and collecting them for a couple of years now, and just recently bought two items from the Peacefulmind webpage, and I'm very impressed with them.

I'm in the process of detoxing from prescription drugs; it took me four months to get off of Cymbalta, but I was also able to stop taking Soma, Vicodan, and Ambien at the same time.

Now I'm working on getting off Oxycontin, which is equally hard but in a different way than it was for the Cymbalta. For the Cymbalta it was more of a head/mind dependency, for the Oxycontin it's more of a body dependency. Ironically, the pain that I originally started taking it for, is now longer bothering me. Now I have what they call hyperalgesia which feels like a full body ache like when you are getting the flu. The pain receptors in my brain are now totally screwed up. My husband heard Deepak Chopra talk on CNN and said that detoxing from drugs (prescription or otherwise) takes in steps.. 3 days (the worst), then 3 months (transition) and then 3 years for complete healing.
This makes sense to me and I am preparing myself for it.

Anyway, much of the information that is helping me get through all of this comes from this group and the Peacefulmind webpage.

Thank you for being here and providing such helpful information.

Namaste, Cindi

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