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Sunday, February 26, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Medicinal Uses of Agrimony


Medicinal Uses of Agromony:

Agrimony is peripheral medium sized plant that grows about 2 meters in
height, grows normally in shady places, temperate regions of alkaline
soil. The leaves of the plant are vibrant green and plant flowers from
June to September, which are small and yellow in color growing from
single spike. Agrimony plant is originated from America, Europe, England
and grown and found in Asia and in Scotland countries. The Agrimony
plant is being grown in the other countries also for its medicinal uses.
The agrimony plant is commonly called as sticklewort, cockeburr,
churchsteeples etc, and scientifically called as Agrimonia Eupatoria.

The Agrimony plant has aromatic smell and root of the plant has apricot
scent and the dried leaves, dried leaves powder, stem and oil, flowers
are used for medicinal purpose. The agrimony plant comprises silicic
acid, tannins, glycosidal bitters, iron, Vitamin K, Vitamin B and other
traces of essential phytochemicals and phytonutrients that contribute to
prevent ill health. The medicinal benefits of agrimony herb were
discovered by the ancient people of Egypt and Greek, and since then they
began to use this herb as home remedy for treating various health

Medicinal Uses of Agrimony; Agrimony plant extracts are taken as tea for
the treatment of jaundice. Agrimony plat dried flowers are used as
diet drink or spring tonic and it is served as beverage generally in
France because it heals cough and purifies blood. Due to the presence of
tannins, it promotes digestion, prevents dyspepsia, regulates bowel
movement, prevents diarrhea, and helps to heal mucous membranes of
digestive tract. Due to the presence of diuretic properties, it prevents
the formation of cystitis in kidneys, improves the function of kidneys,
helps to remove toxic substances and excess water from urinary bladder,
helps to clear off calculus in kidneys and thereby it is used as home
remedy or herbal remedy for urinary incontinence.

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