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Monday, February 13, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Echinacea Medicinal Benefits


Echinacea Medicinal Benefits:

Echinacea plant grows perennially and a native of North Amercia and
scientifically known as Echinacea Purpuera. This herb produces flowers,
known as purple corn flower or Echinacea that possess medicinal
qualities, and that is being used in traditional medicine as herbal
remedy for various health ailments. Echinacea looks like black eyed
susan that is commonly grown and found Central plains of American soil,
and some people called it as snake root as it resembles in such a way
as it is grown from thick black root. Echinacea is regarded as a pretty
flower and some people are preferred to grow this herb in their gardens
for its attractive and beautiful flowers.

The most common ingredients found in Echinacea are; an vital oil,
polyacetylenes, glycoside, Caryophylene, Polysaccharides, betain,
sesquiterpenes and minerals like iron, copper, and Vitaimins namely,
Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitaimin A and anitoxidants like tannins, and
proteins, fatty acids, which contribute to prevent disorders and
promote general health attributed to its medicinal qualities.

Echinacea medicinal benefits include; Doctors of European and American
countries used Echinacea herb for the treatment of infectious diseases
since ancient times. In India some herbalists used this herb to treat
poisonous snake bites and insect bites, as it provide proven remedy
against such bites since long back ago. Due to its anti viral property,
it provides relief from measles, small pox and mumps diseases. The
extract of the herb is used for the treatment of sore throat disorder,
to relieve tooth ache, to heal wounds and injuries, as it has anti
bacterial property.

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