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Saturday, June 23, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Dr Bate's newsletter 6-23 Relaxation


The Importance of Relaxation
by Phil Bate PhD

Today almost everybody knows that stress is a basic part of any disease
mental or physical. But, not everybody knows how to relieve such stress.
There are hundreds of nutritional items that can help, and more hundreds of
exercise or relaxation ideas that can also help.

For many years in my practice, I almost routinely did a "Relaxation
Technique" on every patient I saw. Some were helped immediately, and
others were helped after they used it for a time.

The Bate Relaxation Technique is pretty simple. It consists of a pretty
"standard" hypnotic induction to get the subject into a state of relaxed
body, and concentrated mind, then having the subject put that "feeling" of
concentration and relaxation into his/her mind like a photograph. Then,
whenever they want or need to relax, they simply count to 3 and return that
"feeling" of concentration and relaxation over their body and mind.

Then, I had the subject stand up, take a deep breath and count to 3 as they
exhaled. Most people dropped their shoulders about 2 inches or so. Some
felt it in their stomach.

Now, comes the "kicker". I then instructed them to co this counting to 3
at least 10-20 times every day for at least a week, and feel the relaxation
and concentration deepen as they practiced it. With this "practice" it
seems that virtually everybody develops a "conditioned reflex". not unlike
Pavlov's dog.

I've been amazed for well over 30 years at how simple this is, yet how very
powerful it can be to reduce stress. I use whenever I drive more than a
few miles. My late wife and I used it on long trips in the car. Driving
is very stressful, and if you simply count to 3 every 10-30 minutes, you'll
be surprised at how much tension you'll relieve, and how much farther you
can drive. In my 80's, I've driven for 16 hours or more in a day.

For free audio of the Bate Relaxation Technique go to:
*Alternate Health Digest

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Meditation actually repairs the brain damage caused by aspartame:
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Nutrients To Improve Your Hormones

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*From Dr Bate:*
A four Part Inexpensive "at home" Therapy that helps or solves most Mental

What is Explosive Anger Disorder/Intermittent Rage Disorder?

Solving Arthritis and Gout without Expensive drugs

That's this weeks newsletter. Hope it help you and your to better health.

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