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Friday, June 29, 2012

RE: [AlternativeAnswers] Dessicated thyroid


Martha wrote: I was wondering if anyone had any experience with dessicated
thyroid supplements as to whether they really work. I was reading about a
brand called Nutri Meds which offers either bovine or porcine sources of
thyroid Any advice would be appreciated.


I have had hypothyroidism for 25+ years and for much of that time was
subjected to Synthroid or Syncrap as I call it. During that period, I was
never at optimal health and suffered many years with the symptoms of thyroid
issues. About five years ago I finally, through ACAM found an MD who also
practices Alternative Medicine and today I am on the top of the world health
wise. I was put on Nature-Throid 65mg, a natural desiccated pig thyroid,
along with Cytomel for the treatment of the T3 issues. I can't say enough
good about the natural thyroid treatments, such as Nature-throid and Armour.
I am not familiar with Nutri Meds, so cannot address that particular one.
BTW is that something OTC or a prescription?

It did take some time to reach the proper dosage, but today I am really
feeling fantastic, get up at 5am, walk four miles, come home and put in a
full day caring for a 3,000 sq ft home with ½ acre bedded yard. I lost all
the weight that was a results of improper treatment and looking at my labs,
you would think I was a 30 year old which is a long way from 71. Having
the right medication is no more important than also having the right Dr who
knows everything about thyroid treatment. Just looking at a TSH lab result,
does not give you the whole picture. You need to be checked for T4, T3,
Reverse T3 etc and you need a Dr that does not treat on labs alone. You can
test labs until the cows come home but if you are not listening to the
complaints of the patient, you will never reach a level of health. Just
having a lab return with normal levels, does not guarantee the patient is at
an optimal level of treatment. Hope some of this helps.

Abundant Blessings,


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