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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] new to list; chronic fatigue


Hi, all. I am new to this list, glad to be here....I am recovering from chronic fatigue. Anybody else out there with this??

I do energy healing myself and as a professional practice, and am very familiar with alternative methods, feel I am on good healing path with this...

I do energy healing on myself regularly (including Immunics; http://www.curedrive.org), take good supplements including natural vitamins, B, D and C plus a regime for depression... practice regular, gentle exersize and rejuvenating activities.

I have been on slow and steady path to recovery for past several years. Had a financial stress, did too much and am currently in a bit of a relapse state -- esp. challenging after many, many months of feeling well!

Always good to have support, to share, and hear what's working for others also!

Right now, my main challenge is this: I don't have health insurance, do not generally go to allopathic doctors. When I went to court for more child support, judge would ONLY accept doctors' paperwork as proof of illness.

I found an affordable clinic (after looking for years!) and am going next week....

Does anyone have any experience or suggestions on how I can interact with this doctor in positive way, when I know he doesn't have a cure, when I can't afford any follow-up tests, and when all I need really is a diagnosis that this is a real illness, I really have it, and it's serious? I mean, is it Ok to just go in there and ask for that??

I have had so little contact with docs over the past decade, have had generally good health, I could use alittle help in this area.

Thank you!


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