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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Eye Health Tips for Diwali

Eye Health Tips for Diwali


 Diwali is synonymous with fun, enjoyment, family/friends get together, and lights! But, this festival also expects you to be extra careful about your eyes. If you look back, there have been many eye related accidents caused due to fire-crackers, and therefore, it is extremely crucial that you take as many safety measures into account as possible!

Some Eye Health Tips for Diwali: –

1. Keep distance

You should be at least one arm distance away while lighting the crackers. Keep a distance of five meters or more when watching your fireworks.

2. Wear protective glasses and wash your eyes

This will stop the smoke and other chemicals from the crackers to enter your eyes. Also, make sure that you clean your eyes with cold water when you are done with the fireworks, as well as when you are about to retire for the day.

3. Do not wear contact lenses

Contact lenses tend to cause irritation to your eyes due to prolonged exposure to high heat (emitted by crackers during Diwali). You can wear them back when you return indoors, but only after you thoroughly wash your eyes with cold water.

4. Keep your hands clean

We, many a times touch our eyes unknowingly, and if the fingers/ hands are not clean enough then it may lead to severe eye infections/ irritations. Make sure that you do this compulsorily after you are done drawing the rangoli and lighting the fireworks.

5. Discard the fireworks properly

The best way to throw away the used crackers is putting them in a bucket of water. It helps in defusing the fire completely.