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Monday, October 31, 2016

7 Ways to Make Water Taste Better

7 Ways to Make Water Taste Better


Simple tips for livening up your drinking water


 Not everybody has a taste for water, but we all need it to ensure that our bodies continue functioning properly. If you want to drink more water, but aren't crazy about the taste (or lack thereof), here are some tips that can make it more enjoyable:

1. Add fresh fruit. Citrus fruits, such as lemons, limes, and oranges, are classic water enhancers, but other fruit flavors might also tempt your taste buds. Try crushing fresh raspberries or watermelon into your water, or adding strawberry slices. Cucumber and fresh mint are refreshing flavors as well — especially in summer. 

 2. Use juice. Any fruit juice can be a good base flavor for water, but tart juices, like cranberry, pomegranate, grape, and apple, are especially delicious. Go for juices that are all natural, with no added sugars. And remember: Fruits and their juices don't just taste good — they contain vitamins and antioxidants that can benefit your health too.

3. Make it bubbly. Many people prefer sparkling to still water. If plain old water isn't inspiring to you, try a naturally effervescent mineral water — which will give you the added benefit of minerals. Or try bubbly seltzer, a carbonated water. You can add fresh fruit or natural juice flavors to your seltzer, as suggested above, or look for naturally flavored seltzers at your local market. If you become a seltzer devotee, you might want to consider getting a seltzer maker for your home.
4. Get creative with ice. Some say that ice water tastes better than water served at room temperature. If that's so, flavored ice cubes may make an even better drink. Use some of the flavoring suggestions above and start experimenting with fresh fruit, mint, or cucumber ice cubes. Simply chop your additive of choice, add it to your ice cube tray along with water, then freeze. You may also consider juice, tea, or coffee cubes. If you want to be more creative, use ice cube trays that come in fun shapes, like stars, circles, or even fish.
 5. Drink tea. Herbal, fruit, green, white, and red teas are generally considered to be better for you than black teas (or coffee, for that matter) because they contain little to no caffeine. And there are countless flavors of these teas to choose from. Start with the selection at your local market or health food store. If you're interested in pursuing more exotic flavors and sophisticated teas, start researching the vast array of specialty teas that come from all parts of the globe.
6. Try bouillons, broths, and consomm├ęs. If your palate leans toward the savory, you may pass on tea and start sipping one of these hot and savory liquids instead. Choose low-fat and low-sodium versions for maximum health benefits. Because soup is water-based, a cup of hot soup will count toward your daily fluid consumption.
7. Add fast flavor. If you're looking for a quick-and-easy flavor booster, you might also consider sugar-free drink mixes, and flavor cartridges that can be used with your faucet filter system.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Eye Health Tips for Diwali

Eye Health Tips for Diwali


 Diwali is synonymous with fun, enjoyment, family/friends get together, and lights! But, this festival also expects you to be extra careful about your eyes. If you look back, there have been many eye related accidents caused due to fire-crackers, and therefore, it is extremely crucial that you take as many safety measures into account as possible!

Some Eye Health Tips for Diwali: –

1. Keep distance

You should be at least one arm distance away while lighting the crackers. Keep a distance of five meters or more when watching your fireworks.

2. Wear protective glasses and wash your eyes

This will stop the smoke and other chemicals from the crackers to enter your eyes. Also, make sure that you clean your eyes with cold water when you are done with the fireworks, as well as when you are about to retire for the day.

3. Do not wear contact lenses

Contact lenses tend to cause irritation to your eyes due to prolonged exposure to high heat (emitted by crackers during Diwali). You can wear them back when you return indoors, but only after you thoroughly wash your eyes with cold water.

4. Keep your hands clean

We, many a times touch our eyes unknowingly, and if the fingers/ hands are not clean enough then it may lead to severe eye infections/ irritations. Make sure that you do this compulsorily after you are done drawing the rangoli and lighting the fireworks.

5. Discard the fireworks properly

The best way to throw away the used crackers is putting them in a bucket of water. It helps in defusing the fire completely.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Women's Health Tips for Heart, Mind, and Body

Women's Health Tips for Heart, Mind, and Body

Follow a Heart-Healthy Diet

There's an easy recipe if your goal is to keep away problems like heart disease and strokes.
  • Eat more fruits and veggies.
  • Choose whole grains. Try brown rice instead of white. Switch to whole wheat pasta.
  • Choose lean proteins like poultry, fish, beans, and legumes.
  • Cut down on processed foods, sugar, salt, and saturated fat.
When eating healthy, flexibility often works best, says Joyce Meng, MD, assistant professor at the Pat and Jim Calhoun Cardiology Center at UConn Health. If you like to follow a strict diet plan, go for it. If not, it's OK. "Find what works for you."
Tricia Montgomery, 52, the founder of K9 Fit Club, knows first-hand how the right diet and lifestyle can help. For her, choosing healthy foods and planning small, frequent meals works well. "I don't deny myself anything," she says. "I still have dessert -- key lime pie, yum! -- and I love frozen gummy bears, but moderation is key."

Exercise Every Day

The more active you are, the better, Meng says. Exercise boosts your heart health, builds muscle and bone strength, and wards off health problems.
Aim for 2 and a half hours of moderate activity, like brisk walking or dancing, every week. If you're OK with vigorous exercise, stick to 1 hour and 15 minutes a week of things like running or playing tennis. Add a couple of days of strength training, too.
If you're busy, try short bursts of activity throughout the day. Walk often. A good target is 10,000 steps a day. Take the stairs. Park your car far away from your destination.
Montgomery exercises every day, often with her dog. By adding lunges, squats, and stairs to a walk, she turns it into a power workout. "I also am a huge Pilates fan," she says.

Visit Your Doctor

Get regular checkups. Your doctor keeps track of your medical history and can help you stay healthy. For example, if you're at risk for osteoporosis, a condition that weakens bones, he may want you to get more calcium and vitamin D.
Your doctor may recommend screening tests to keep an eye on your health and catch conditions early when they're easier to treat.
Keep the lines of communication open. "If you have questions, ask your doctor," Meng says. "Make sure you understand things to your satisfaction." If you're worried about a medication or procedure, talk to him about it.

Cut Down Your stress

It can take a toll on your health. You probably can't avoid it altogether, but you can find ways to ease the impact. Don't take on too much. Try to set limits with yourself and others. It's OK to say no.
To relieve stress, try:
  • Deep breathing
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Exercise
  • Healthy eating
  • Talking to a friend, family member, or professional counselor

Create Healthy Habits

If you make the right choices today, you can ward off problems tomorrow.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day and floss every day.
  • Don't smoke.
  • Limit your alcohol. Keep it to one drink a day.
  • If you have medication, take it exactly how your doctor prescribed it.
  • Improve your sleep. Aim for 8 hours. If you have trouble getting shut-eye, talk to your doctor.
  • Use sunscreen and stay out of the sun from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Wear your seatbelt.
Take time every day to invest in your health, Meng says.
It paid off for Montgomery. She says she overcame health problems, feels good, and has a positive outlook. "My life," she says, "is forever changed."

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10 Super Healthy Foods You Should Keep in The Refrigerator

10 Super Healthy Foods You Should Keep in The Refrigerator

 Some foods should be eaten frequently because of their medicinal and weight loss properties. Make sure you keep these 10 powerful foods in your fridge at all times.

1. Organic pastured eggs
Pastured eggs are healthier than eggs from caged hens. Pastured eggs have a better omega 3 to omega 6 ratio and more vitamin E, according to studies. Eggs are also rich in lots of other nutrients that will help you maintain optimal health. Don’t be afraid to eat the yolk, it has most of the nutrients.
2. Organic beets
Beets will benefit liver and the digestive system. They will help detoxify the body and improve overall health. You can eat them raw, roasted, make beet juice. Feel free to add lemon or apple cider vinegar to the juice to make it healthier.
3. Organic coconut milk
Research has shown that coconut milk has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antioxidant properties and it can also boost metabolism. And it’s a great alternative for folks intolerant to lactose. You can use it to make smoothies, juices and so on.
4. Organic carrots
Always keep organic carrots in the fridge. They’re rich in nutrients, and make the perfect snack since they can be eaten raw. Research shows that raw carrots can lower estrogen levels and they’re healthier when eaten with avocado or avocado oil.
5. Organic Sauerkraut
This may come as news to you but one tablespoon of raw sauerkraut has more probiotic than a bottle of probiotic supplements. Make sure you take at least 2 tablespoons of sauerkraut every week.
6. Kefir
Kefir has lots of probiotics, vitamins and minerals. This study shows that kefir can fight cancer, improve digestion and improve gut health. You just need kefir grains and milk to make this superfood. Note that kefir in the supermarket isn’t as nutritious.
7. Liver
Liver is one of the healthiest foods you’ll ever eat. It’s loaded with nutrients and easy to prep. Substitute it with meat in some meals.
8. Bone broth
Bone broth is rich is potassium, Sulphur, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. It’s quickly absorbed in the body and will definitely fight inflammation.
9. Organic butter
Unless you’re lactose intolerant, always keep butter in the fridge. Don’t believe the mainstream media, butter is actually good for you – it’s rich in antioxidants and nutrients.
10. Almonds
Almonds make a healthy snack. They’re rich in nutrients and will keep hunger at bay.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Barley Health


Health Benefits of Barley
Barley Water
  • 1 cup organic Pearl Barley
  • 5 cups water
  • Juice of 1/2 - 1 lemon (to taste or other fruit if preferred)
  • 1 tablespoon honey (optional to taste)
  • Cinnamon stick (optional)
  • Root Ginger (optional)

Servings: 4 cups

1. Put ingredients in a pan

Place the Pearl Barley in a sieve and rinse for a minute or so with plenty of fresh running water.

Place the Pearl Barley, water (and ginger / cinnamon if using) in a pan that can easily accommodate the volume of barley water you are making. Switch the heat on.

2. Boil it up

Bring the water to the boil and then simmer for 20-25 minutes with the lid off. This will reduce the amount of water by about 1/3.

The grains should be softened and cooked.

3. Strain and refine taste

Pour the barley water mixture through a sieve to seperate the barley grains, ginger and cinnamon from the Barley Water. Add the lemon juice (or other preferred fruit juice) and honey to taste, stir and leave to cool.

Barley water is normally drunk cold and it is best to drink it on the day of making when it is at its freshest. Your home made Barley Water should keep well in a covered glass container in the fridge for up to 3 days.


Raw Barley Water

Barley Water raw version by placing all the ingredients into a jug that is covered with a breathable lid / kitchen towel. Stir the mixture and leave to stand for 24 hours. Strain the mixture using a fine sieve and serve.




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Struggling With Self-Worth? Great Tips for Boosting Your Belief in Yourself

Do you know the number of people who you meet every day who struggle with self-esteem? Research says that one in four adult people face the problem with self-worth. That’s 25% of the adults who are not aware of their value. It’s a big number. However, the number may sound surprising because a lot of them skillfully hide it. They have learned how to deal with it from young. They continue to live the same way over the years. Shyness, low self-confidence, not knowing of their self worth designs the way they think. Their thoughts determine their actions. Consequently, their actions determine their future.
Therefore, if you want to achieve the best results and become the most successful person you know you must put some effort in learning how to overcome your fears and boost your confidence. Only highly confident people manage to achieve their set life goals.

Remember that your weaknesses are your strength

You must tell yourself your weaknesses and your fears can’t make you worthless.  Becoming aware of that is the first step towards achieving your greatest success. If you have ever read a biography of some very successful people, you will find out that none of them was born rich. None of them achieved great results over night. However, every one of them have encountered many failures and all of them continued to work and struggle until they succeeded. Simultaneously, the common characteristic of all of them is that they never gave up. Even when they faced the lowest point of their lives.
Therefore, remember that you are worth and every time you face a new failure, you must remember that this is what makes you stronger. This is what curves your willpower. This is what will take you to the top.

Tell yourself you are fearless

If you want to achieve great results you need to stop thinking like a victim and start leading your life instead of others watching do it. Moreover, you need to convince yourself  that nothing can scare you and you can skillfully overcome any obstacle. Only when you learn that sometimes very little effort needs to be done to make great things happen, then you will start to feel how miracle happens in your life. The Universe will help those who are courageous. You must tell yourself that you are a wonderful person and act accordingly. Be courageous, be brave and your life will start to turn into abundance.

Build your knowledge from books

When you feel stuck in life engage yourself in reading about other inspirational stories. You’ll be amazed of how many people in this world have encountered even worse difficulties through life and they still managed to overcome them. You’ll learn that others have had the same fears, the same worries and the same problems like you and found the way out of them.  Reading about these people’s biographies can really boost your confidence.
Furthermore, reading is an excellent way to build your own knowledge about your craft. Discover new ways of working, enhance your skills, develop them, and you’ll be surprised of how much you can learn from your time dedicated to reading. Surprisingly, all successful people in this world have found a that had changed their lives for good. Don’t be afraid to find yours. Sometimes all you need to do is to relax to find happiness.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ways to wipe out Winter Tiredness

Ways to wipe out Winter Tiredness


Many people feel tired and sluggish during winter. If you find yourself longing for your warm, cozy bed more than usual during winter, blame the lack of sunlight. As the days become shorter, your sleep and waking cycles become disrupted, leading to fatigue.
Less sunlight means that your brain produces more of a hormone called melatonin, which makes you sleepy. Because the release of this sleep hormone is linked to light and dark, when the sun sets earlier your body also wants to go to bed earlier, hence you may feel sleepy in the early evening.
While it’s normal for all of us to slow down generally over winter, sometimes lethargy can be a sign of more serious winter depression. If your tiredness is severe and year-round, you could have chronic fatigue syndrome.

5 Tips to fight Winter Tiredness

Sunlight is good for winter tiredness
Open your blinds or curtains as soon as you get up to let more sunlight into your home. And get outdoors in natural daylight as much as possible, even a brief lunchtime walk can be beneficial. Make your work and home environment as light and airy as possible.
Good night's sleep
When winter hits it’s tempting to go into hibernation mode, but that sleepy feeling you get in winter doesn’t mean you should snooze for longer. In fact if you do, chances are you’ll feel even more sluggish during the day.
We don’t technically need any more sleep in winter than in summer. Aim for about eight hours of shuteye a night and try to stick to a reliable sleep schedule. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. And make sure your bedroom is conducive to sleep – clear the clutter, have comfortable and warm bedlinen and turn off the TV.
Regular exercise
Exercise may be the last thing you feel like doing on dark winter evenings, but you’ll feel more energetic if you get involved in some kind of physical activity every day, ideally so you reach the recommended goal of 150 minutes of exercise a week. Exercise in the late afternoon may help to reduce early evening fatigue, and also improve your sleep.
Winter is a great time to experiment with new and different kinds of activity. Skating is a good all-round exercise for beginners and aficionados alike. If you’re more active, go for a game of badminton, football or tennis under the floodlights. If you find it hard to get motivated to exercise in the chillier, darker months, focus on the positives you’ll not only feel more energetic but stave off winter weight gain.
Learn to relax
Feeling time-squeezed to get everything done in the shorter daylight hours? It may be contributing to your tiredness. Stress has been shown to make you feel fatigued. There’s no quick-fire cure for stress but there are some simple things you can do to alleviate it. So, if you feel under pressure for any reason, calm down with meditation, yoga, exercise and breathing exercises.
Eat the right foods
Once the summer ends, there’s a temptation to ditch the salads and fill up on starchy foods such as pasta, potatoes and bread. You’ll have more energy, though, if you include plenty of fruit and vegetables in your comfort meals.
Winter vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, swede and turnips can be roasted, mashed or made into soup for a warming winter meal for the whole family. And classic stews and casseroles are great options if they’re made with lean meat and plenty of veg. Try to avoid foods containing lots of sugar – it gives you a rush of energy but one that wears off quickly.


Friday, October 14, 2016

Vitamin D protects against asthma, reduces attacks by 50%

Vitamin D protects against asthma, reduces attacks by 50%

 Vitamin D supplements reduce the risk of severe asthma attacks by 50 percent, according to a recent research review by the world-renowned Cochrane Collaboration.

The Cochrane Collaboration is an independent, international network of researchers, health professionals and patients who work together to review existing scientific research in order to promote evidence-based treatment.

Fewer severe attacks

Vitamin D has long been known to play an important role in preserving bone health, but in the 1980s researchers learned that vitamin D receptors are found throughout the body – particularly in white blood cells and in the epithelial layer of the respiratory system. This sparked an interest in whether the vitamin might play a role in immune or respiratory health.

Since then, numerous studies have confirmed that vitamin D plays a key role in immune regulation. Low levels of vitamin D have been strongly linked to a wide variety of autoimmune diseases, which share many physiological characteristics with allergies and asthma. Observational studies have also confirmed that asthma patients with lower blood levels of vitamin D are more likely to suffer from asthma attacks.

For the new studies, the researchers examined 81 separate studies into the connection between vitamin D and asthma attacks. From these, they identified nine that were double-blind, placebo controlled, randomized trials – considered the gold standard in medical research.

The researchers looked at several different asthma-related outcomes, including a worsening of symptoms severe enough to require an emergency room visit, hospital admission, or oral corticosteroid treatment; day-to-day asthma symptoms; lung function; exhaled nitric oxide; and biomarkers of airway inflammation.

The researchers found that people who took vitamin D supplements were 50 percent less likely to suffer from asthma attacks severe enough to require emergency room visits or hospital admission. They also reduced the risk of treatment with oral steroids.

Notably, vitamin D showed no effect on day-to-day asthma symptoms or any of the other biomarkers that the researchers examined.

Vitamin D fights infection, inflammation

Because of the design of the initial studies, the researchers were not able to determine whether vitamin D supplementation helped all patients, or merely those who were deficient in vitamin D before the study began. They have now partnered with the principal investigators of the nine initial studies to be able to review individual patient data.

The researchers hope that this collaboration will indicate a threshold above which vitamin D is shown to reduce the risk of severe asthma attacks, which will in turn allow them to make a clinical recommendation.

Although it is impossible to say exactly why vitamin D supplementation reduced the risk of attacks, prior studies showing a strong link between vitamin D and asthma are able to offer several possibilities. Some studies have shown, for example, that vitamin D can suppress inflammatory responses, including those that produce asthma attacks.

Studies have also shown that vitamin D helps induce immune responses when the body detects infection with an upper respiratory virus, like a cold or flu. These viruses are major triggers of asthma attacks.

Martineau offered two main cautions regarding the research. First, he noted that only about half of asthma patients suffer from a form severe enough to be at risk of the attacks examined in the study. It is unclear if or how vitamin D might affect people with these more mild forms of the disease.

He also noted that all the trials used vitamin D supplementation in addition to regular treatment, not as a replacement. Severe asthma attacks can be life-threatening.

10 simple tips to help regulate your cholesterol level

 10 simple tips to help regulate your cholesterol level 

High cholesterol levels contribute to plaque formation (or fat deposits) in the arteries, which raise the risk of developing coronary artery disease, heart attack or stroke.

Here are  top 10 tips to control cholesterol naturally:

1. Avoid trans-fats
Trans-fat is the worst when it comes to heart health. It has been shown to double the risk of heart disease in women. Trans-fats can be found in processed foods that contain partially hydrogenated fat or shortening. These foods include baked goods, French fries and confectionery.

2. Say no to deep-fried foods
When eating out, Dr. Lim Su Lin recommends avoiding deep-fried foods. The oils are often reused many times, which produces harmful compounds that may increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and Alzheimer's disease.

3. Limit your saturated fat intake
Saturated fat increases LDL, or bad cholesterol, which may lead to heart disease and stroke. It is estimated that saturated fat causes 31 percent of all coronary heart diseases and 11 percent of strokes worldwide. Saturated fats can be found in animal products such as meat, dairy and lard.

4. Choose the right cooking oil
Furthermore, Dr. Lim Su Lin recommends cooking with a healthy unsaturated oil, such as olive oil. Olive oil is well known for its heart-healthy effects. It can raise good cholesterol levels, and lowers the amount of bad cholesterol.

5. Opt for lean meat
To protect your heart, choose lean meats and remove visible fat and skin before cooking and eating. Also, make sure to include more fish in your diet, as fish contains heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which can help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

6. Reduce dairy intake
Try to keep dairy products to an absolute minimum, and choose low-fat options – such as skim milk – instead.

7. Limit cholesterol intake
Although the body needs cholesterol to function properly, most of us just eat too much of it. Dr. Lim Su Lin said that we do not need to avoid high-cholesterol foods such as eggs and shellfish completely, however, she emphasized that moderation is key.

8. Fiber up
Soluble fibers play a key role in cholesterol reduction by binding cholesterol to bile acid in the small intestines. Foods high in soluble fiber include oatmeal, oat bran, barley, fruit, vegetables, legumes, beans and nuts.

9. Snack wisely
Instead of grabbing a trans-fat rich and sugary snack, opt for fresh fruits, vegetables or nuts instead.

10. Get moving
Regular exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by 50 percent. To reap the full benefit, it is recommended to engage in 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity, such as brisk walking, sports, swimming or dancing, at least three times a week.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Castor oil is great for thickening and regrowing hair, eyelashes and eyebrows

Castor oil is great for thickening and regrowing hair, eyelashes and eyebrows


Castor oil is often overlooked for its benefits for the skin and hair because of its extremely thick and sticky consistency.  However, if you’re looking for a cheap, natural remedy for several common skin and hair complaints, then castor oil is definitely worth your time.



Castor oil for regrowing and thickening hair, eyelashes and eyebrows

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Finding Inspiration Series: Aromatherapy

Finding Inspiration Series: Aromatherapy

My 'Finding Inspiration' series was written out of a need that comes up in my
practice, most often in Spring and Fall. I feel we all need a bit of
enlightenment now and then to help us move forward. Finding motivation through
inspiration can be the spark which sets you on your way!

Nature's Gifts

Spring is here. What better time to take advantage of the power of our sense of

We can find great inspiration through the power of our olfactory senses. Spring
time is the season of renewal, where flowers blossom, all green things grow and
people feel a renewal of energy within themselves. People even begin to wear
lighter colored clothing to "match" the environment around them. Seek your
inspiration in the scent of fresh flowers filling the air, as well as the bloom
of green herbs. Take advantage of these natural riches.

Utilize the Essence of Aromatherapy

Once you understand the purpose of why essential oils exist, you will want them
in your life forever. They represent life itself, the source of all healing. My
wish is that you will share them with a friend, and let them experience some of
your oils.

Essential Oils work on several different levels. They affect most people through
the sense of smell. The sense of smell is the most complexed and the sensitive
of the five senses.

Once the Olfactory receptors identify an aroma, nerve cells relay this
information directly to the Limbic system of the brain. Here, aromas can trigger
memories and influence behavior. Additionally, the Limbic system works in
conjunction with the pituitary gland and the Hypothalamus region of the brain to
regulate the hormonal activities thus triggering the production of hormones that
govern appetite, body temperature, insulin production, overall metabolism,
stress levels, sex drive, and conscious thought and reactions. The Limbic system
also influences immunity. Essential oils can have a positive affect on all these

Essential oils work through the skin as well. They can stimulate surface skin
cells, calm inflamed or irritated skin, release muscle spasms, soothe sore
muscles and relieve muscle tension.

Essential oils are used in a variety of ways.

* You can inhale them directly from the bottle.
* You can use them for skin care, hair care, and body care, as well as, for many
beauty purposes.
* Personal hygiene, aromatherapy baths, foot baths.
* Giving and receiving aromatherapy massages.
* Inhaling aromatherapy oil blends to relieve congestion, clear your head and
make breathing easier.
* You can also make wonderful fragrances with essential oils.
* Aromatherapy can prevent or ease an assortment of ailments. Essential oils
boost the immune system.
* You can treat aches, pains, injuries, with essential oils.
* Aromatherapy can help reduce stress, lift depression, restore emotional
* You can disperse essential oils through the air in your home or office to
increase productivity or alter moods.

Monday, October 3, 2016

[AlternativeAnswers] Peacefulmind.com Wellness Newsletter October


The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) campaign provides an innovative and unique way to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer through nonprofits, government agencies, corporations and communities. Peacefulmind.com is donating 20% of their overall "pink" product sales to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
 Giving back to your community is what it's all about. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Regardless of the month, this topic should be the number one awareness issue on every woman's mind, every month! 20% of the sale of all pink products go to cancer research.

Think Pink

Divination Tools

Just in time for Halloween, we have created some fun and interesting tools for using your subconcious mind to solve unanswered questions and perhaps a glimpse into the future! Visions, symbols, words and objects have all been used from dream and color divination to crystals, runes and The I Ching and can give us many messages. Experience our Divination Wheels. Learn how to interpret your dreams from our Dream Dictionary Get information on Metaphysics. Get your questions answered with IChing, crystals, runes and colors. Light your night with some of our best seasonal candles or Order Andrew's newest Crystal Divination Workbook Take a look into your future!

What's In Your Future?

Crystals for Protection

Protection looks at our core feeling of fear, anxiety and lack of security.
 Discover how to create protection and end fear! Learn more about the metaphysics of protection and how to keep a "worry free" journal. Find tips on protection. To recognize your protection, consider such tools as the white light exercise, which give us peace of mind, visualization, which "envisions" our protective state, Chakra tuning, which work on both our emotional and physical levels, as well as, crystals, which make us more aware of our protection. Consider Andrew's featured products.

Find Protection!

Harvesting Autumn

Gathering and elimination are the traits of this season and can be seen in
 nature as well as human health. The minute September arrives, there is a newness that seems to take over. Discover all that Fall offers! Find the best Fall essential oils and the best herbs for your medicine chest! Learn how to do a safe and effective detox. We have tips on the right foods to eat for Fall, our emotional connections in Fall. and how color and light play an important part in our seasonal health.

Fall Season Here

Demystifying Diabetes

Diabetes is the result of a metabolic disorder in which blood sugar (glucose)
 levels are above normal. A fasting blood sugar test measures the amount of sugar (glucose) in your blood after you fast for eight hours. Get the facts on diabetes. Learn more about the glycemic index and what your numbers should be. Type 2 diabetes can be managed very well with better choices. Here you can find the best nutritional advise, how to supplement your wellness with the right herbal remedies, discover how your mind/body connection can help you heal as you learn to demystify diabetes.

Learn More

Everything Chakras

The Chakra System are stations along the central axis of your being. Each one is a point at which energy can be expressed in a certain set of actions, attitudes and emotions. These centers represent our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. Here you can learn more about The Chakra. Learn to rebalance and connect to your energy centers with our complete Chakra healer kit, our Chakra crystal collection and our beautifully scented Chakra energy candles. Get in touch with the body through our Chakra massage stones, our Chakra bath and perfume oils or our most interesting home study course Chakracology - A Workbook and Manual. Find Andrew's most unique Chakra granule teas, Chakra metaphysical teas with intention and learn more about the Chakra energies and their herbal correspondence.

Understand Your Chakra

Candle Magic

Candle Therapy can be used to unite the powers of mind, body, and spirit. From ancient times to the present, Candles have lit our way through every transition! From celebrations and ceremonies to proclamations and processions! Enjoy our full line of herbal candles. We carry beautifully scented themed candles, richly aromatic soy candles and meditative mandala votive candles. We also have a full line of mini Chakra candles, candle gift set collection and Chakra energy scented candles. You will also find our seasonal candles and our empowerment kits using the power of intention to create what you want in your life. Bring light back into your life!

Learn More About Candle Therapy http://www.peacefulmind.com/candle_therapy.htm

Allergy Alert

Allergies can affect almost any area of the body. Substances that irritate the skin, allergic reactions to drugs, detergents, and other chemicals are all culprits. Also, grass, cow products, house dust, pets, wheat, colorants,
 additives and preservatives are all possibilities. Allergies can be managed and even prevented. Start by purifying the blood and boosting the immune system with these herbal remedies. You must also look at nutritional advise and the power of our emotions as certain habits can make your allergies worse.

Get Relief

Acupuncture Fertility and Wellness

This group was designed to promote the overall wellbeing of both woman and men through the most collective and up-to-date information on alternative,
 complementary and holistic medicine for fertility aging and sex. Acupuncture and a holistic approach to fertility are often helpful where conventional medicine is not. No matter what part of the world you are in, an informed patient is a better patient.

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All Hallow's Eve Gifts and Jewelry

October stirs up a cauldron of questions and curiosity of the supernatural and unexplained. These are subjects that intrigue the whole world. Find some fun divination games and some wonderful divining tools to work with. Engage the power of candles and candle therapy or find a whole host of goodies with our metaphysical products. You can also get tips and treats for a healthy halloween!

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The Metaphysics of Money

The Metaphysics of Money is the most important ebook for anyone who needs help  with money...getting it, managing it, keeping it! The power of our thoughts has  everything to do with how we bring and keep money in our lives!

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Influenza Immune Package

Indications: For the temporary relief of symptoms associated with viral
 infections, particularly influenza, such as fever, malaise, body aches and
 painful joints.

Homeopathic Remedies
Crystal Pendulums

By our newest Ebook and get a discount on all pendulums!!
As an extension of the intuition, the pendulum can give you information from the same two sources as the intuition: from your own subconscious mind; and from your guidance, spirit, or guardian angel.

Tap Into Your Intuition

Angel's Mist Essential Oils

"Angel's Mist" Essential Oils are produced in the most advanced, yet most
 natural method available. All of our oils are derived 100% through natural
 distillation or cold pressing and are either organic or wild-crafted.

Scent Therapy

Moon Power

Moon Signs play an important role in understanding an individual. The position  of the moon in your birth chart helps in finding your moon sign.
 Manifesting with the moon is a tool used to bring about positive change in your life. Are you ready to bring about more love in your life? Do you need a new job or better yet, career? Do you know what makes you prosperous in your life?

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ProAcuMed Inc. - New York - NY - 10011

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