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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Recipes: Seasonal Aromatherapy Simmers: Spring Swing


Good Morning!

Recipes: Seasonal Aromatherapy Simmers: Spring Swing

Simmers are a special mixture of herbs and spices, which are combined into a blend or potion, created to bring the power of aromatherapy and intention into your life. They are also designed to capture the attention of those around you.

Based on folk remedies, grandma's recipes and the ingredients provided by nature, these simmers are recipes used to make your kitchen smell delightful. They can be used along with a "special intention" and later, can even be enjoyed as tea!

Spring Swing

Used for: scenting the kitchen/any room with aromatherapy, initiating Spring, invoking a Spring affair, a great detoxing tea.

-Blend 4-8 cups of water with:
-4-8 drops of Stevia
-4-6 tsp. of two of the following herbs: Rosehips, Red Clover, Ginger, Nettle, Alfalfa, Dandelion, Goldenseal Leaf, Echinacea, Pan D'Arco, Burdock

Slowly simmer on the stove. Allow the smell to permeate the room.

Special Notes:

With this simmer you can:
-take advantage of their aromatic properties.
-say a positive affirmation, invoking words, a special prayer or give thanks.
-use them at the start of each season to give honor to yourself and your intentions for that season.
-as it cools, share, drink, these simmers as a tea.
-the health properties of these ingredients are appropriate for each season, relate to the internal organs and are associated by taste, temperature and color.

Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac
Therapies for healing
mind, body, spirit


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Reflexology & Chart


Holly Tse on Reflexology


Printable Reflexology Chart



Recipes: HBP


1 tsp. full rose hip powder in applesauce 3xdaily for HBP

one 500mg. 2xdaily for HBP and circulation and dilation of arteries for easier blood flow thru them, capsules of L-Arginine

Cook in receipes needed any kind of red sauce flavoring in it- Red Palm Oil for High Cholesterol.

Diabetes- chromium picolonate with every meal daily.
Walk daily-as far as you can go-increase over time.


Top 10 Crystals for Feng Shui


Good Morning!

Top 10 Crystals for Feng Shui

Feng Shui and gemstones go hand in hand. Crystals are a very popular feng shui cure since their natural energies can be used to gently protect, clear and nourish energies within our environment. Crystals for feng shui purposes are based on their metaphysical properties, mineral makeup, color and shape. The choice depends on which crystalline energy you want to bring into your surrounding space. Match the colors to the Bagua areas where you can use good energy. Also see feng shui crystal cures and remedies and feng shui cures.

Amber is said to bring good luck and success. In the far East amber is the symbol of courage. This ancient petrified resin has electromagnetic properties. It is excellent at detoxification and protection from radiation, especially x-rays, sun, computers, airport, planes and other people's energies. Due to its strong connection to nature and the earth, amber is a great stone for grounding our higher energies. Use amber as a feng shui remedy.

Amethyst is a crystal most associated with transformation, spirituality and dream recall. Provides common sense and flexibility in decisions. Strengthens and enhances psychic abilities, imagery and mind quieting. Wear when sleeping or when awake to reduce anger, depression, grief, impatience, and nightmares. Amethyst can show us how to let go, trust and surrender. Amethyst is considered a Master Healing stone. Use amethyst as a feng shui remedy.

Aqua Aura is clear quartz with metallic light blue tint from electrical infusion of gold (amplifies quartz conductivity). Created by treating crystals of natural quartz with an infusion of pure gold. This is truly a `master' vibrational crystal, as with all energies the conscious use of this energy towards enlightenment is always the prime goal. Aqua Aura has an energy that can enhance one's intuition and communication, calm one's nerves, and energize one's mental abilities. It is also said to help one's inner beauty to shine, and to attract wealth and success. Use aqua aura as a feng shui remedy.

Carnelian represents confidence, boldness, initiative, dramatic abilities, assertiveness and outgoingness. Precision, analysis, stimulates appetite, encourages celebration and brings awareness of feelings. This stone helps you feel anchored and comfortable with your surroundings. Provides a connection to the past or to historical events. Carnelian can improve motivation. Helps one achieve greater success in career or personal matters. Helps ground people who meditate. Carnelian is one of the most helpful crystals for healing trauma, stress and emotional wounds that have accumulated in the etheric body or the Aura and are now manifesting as physical symptoms. Use carnelian as a feng shui remedy.

Citrine is especially good for the workplace as it helps with problem solving, memory issues, will power, optimism, confidence and self-discipline. It reduces anxiety, fear and depression. Can guide you to harness and utilize your creative energy. Helps us analyze events, develop inner calm and security and makes us less sensitive and more open to constructive criticism. This stone is great with help in achieving goals. Citrine is the stone of abundance. It teaches us the lessons of achieving wealth and prosperity. Not just on a monetary level, but in all aspects of our lives. Use citrine as a feng shui remedy.

Jade Jade is an ancient stone that has historically been used to attract love. The ancient Chinese culture has revered Jade for centuries. Jade is considered the health, wealth and longevity stone. Traditionally, Jade symbolizes the Five Virtues of Humanity : wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage. Therefore, it is used for emotional balance, stamina, love, fidelity, humility, generosity, peace, harmony, courage, wisdom, justice, mercy. Use jade as a feng shui remedy.

Lapis Lazuli is the stone of truth and friendship. Used for higher guidance, intuition and connection to your higher self. Helps us organize, overview and make decisions for the good of all. Lapis quiets the mind and encourages elf-expression, creativity, dream insight and total awareness. Use lapis as a feng shui remedy.

Quartz (Clear) is the Master Healer and the "stone of power"! Probably the most versatile multipurpose healing stone. The natural tendency for quartz is for harmony. Quartz can both draw and send energy therefore it is effective for sending/receiving guidance. Quartz is used for transformation in healing and in all levels of change. Quartz stimulates the natural crystal in body tissues and fluids to resonate at the highest healing frequency. Clear quartz is thought to amplify both body energy and thoughts. It can assist in the creation of power, clarity of thinking, meditation, cleansing, clearing the aura, spiritual development and healing. Use quartz as a feng shui remedy.

Rose Quartz is said to open the heart to the beauty in and around you. Keep no more than two rose quartz in the relationship area of your bedroom or two stones close to your bed. Rose Quartz has a loving, healing energy associated with the heart. It brings about a strong sense and flow of love as its heart-opening properties encourage more self love and the love in an intimate relationship. Use rose quartz as a feng shui remedy.

Tourmaline, Black (Schorl) is one of my favorite for the workplace as it is the best crystal to use against the ill effects of low frequency and high frequency electromagnetic waves (EMF). It protects against smog, radiation and repels all kinds of negative energy. Great near computers, phones and outlets. As a grounding stone, black tourmaline can be used whenever energy feels scattered and disconnected. Use black tourmaline as a feng shui remedy.

Two exceptional non-crystalline energies:

Pearl are a symbol of pure heart and mind; innocence and faith. Because it is from the sea, it has watery and lunar elements, therefore it is used for balancing emotions. Absorbing by nature, this mineral absorbs thoughts and emotions. If you feel excessively negative while wearing a pearl, it will hold that energy until it is cleansed. Remember, Pearl is the result of layer upon layer of substance produced to combat irritation. Pearl can cool and soothe. It is very nurturing. Use pearl as a feng shui remedy.

Swarovski Crystal is not natural crystal. It is a combination of silica or sand, a salt form, referred to as soda, burnt limestone, which is considered lime and trace amounts of metal oxides. When heated at a very high temperature, these substances melt together forming an exceptionally hard and highly refractive glass. Because of their own secret recipe, the Swarovski Company could facet this glass like a gemstone and make it sparkle like a crystal. The Swarovski "lead crystal" process has exacting standards created in its own factories, controlling every step in their production. The company's founder even invented a machine to facet the crystal glass with impeccable accuracy. Use Swarovski crystal as a feng shui remedy.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Zinc supplementation


I am a 41 yr old female, 5'7" and 117 lbs. I am currently dosing 4 grains of Erfa thyroid after being on T3 only for 8 weeks. That's all I could stand. Had tons of weight gain(weighed 108 before starting T3 only and went up to 119!) and tons of digestive problems on T3. Here are my zinc etc labs:

Zinc 69 (60-130)
Copper 99 (70-175)
Ceruloplasmin 30 (18-53)

I had supplemented with a multivitamin up to the morning before the blood was drawn so not sure how that affects things. My cortisol saliva test revealed that I have high morning and bedtime cortisol so I hoping zinc will help with this also.

Please let me know how much zinc to take and when. I currently take Metagenics Multigenic multi, 5,000 B12, 750 Vit E, 4000 Vit C, life extension D/K/Sea Iodine one a day, milk thistle/yellow dock/dandelion twice a day, acidophilus twice a day, and just started Betaine HCL for digestion. I also take Ferrets iron once a night.

Thank you!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chinese Medicine: Spring and the Emotion of Anger


Good Morning!

Chinese Medicine: Spring and the Emotion of Anger

Anger is the feeling we experience when events in our world are not going according to our plans. Anger is one of the most common and destructive delusions affecting our minds. Because it is based on an exaggeration, anger is an expression of our belief system and how we defend it. It's as if we have an inner idea of how things, events and people should be for us. When we get angry and either feel frustrated or try to change them, we tend to give away our power! Many of us remain a victim to our tempers all of our lives. In essence, anger is the feeling we get when we want to control the world around us.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, anger is most prevalent in the Spring. It is considered the emotion of Spring. Although we can and do experience anger at any time or season, it is Spring when we are most easily angered. This is believed to be due to the changes of light and dark and the balance between them.

It is very important to identify the actual cause of whatever unhappiness we feel. If we are forever blaming our difficulties on others, this is a sure sign that there are still many problems and faults within our own mind. If we were truly peaceful inside and had our mind under control, difficult people or circumstances would not be able to disturb this peace, and so we would feel no compulsion to blame anyone or regard them as our enemy. To someone who has subdued his or her mind and eradicated the last trace of anger, all beings are friends.

Techniques for Managing Anger

1. The first step towards managing anger, is to identify which attitudes and convictions that many predispose us to being excessively angry in the first place! Once these beliefs have been identified, it is important to take steps to understand and correct them, if need be.

2. The second step is to realize that anger is a natural human emotion and it is not the emotion of anger that tends to be a problem. The problem is the mismanagement of our anger. Mismanaged anger and rage are the major cause of conflicts in our lives. This mismanagement often has roots from our childhood that prevents us from expressing our anger as appropriately as we should. These factors include fear, denial, ignorance and impatience. These factors can derail the appropriate management of our anger towards others. Learning to understand and change these factors in ourselves, will allow us to express our suppressed anger in a more appropriate way.

3. The third step is learning the appropriate ways of expressing our " honest and legitimate" anger at others so that we can begin to cope more effectively with anger provoking situations as they come up in our lives. When we are anxious or depressed, we are often experiencing the consequences of our suppressed anger. The problem is that we have suppressed our anger so deeply that we succeeded in concealing it from our own selves! All we are left with is the residual evidence of it, our anxiety or our depression. When we are depressed, very often we are also angry at ourselves without realizing it. Learning to appropriately manage our anger at ourselves is the antidote to much of alcoholism, drugs and sexual abuse.

4. The fourth step in the Anger Management process is to approach anger by taking responsibility for our own reactions and behavior. We can do this by addressing our anger with the following coping techniques:

1. Listen to other people, first: listen carefully to what is being said. Do not have a preconceived opinion before you hear what is being said. Remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

2. Think carefully about what you want to say: before you say it. slow down. What is the underlying factor in your anger? Fear, denial, impatience?

3. Be clear about what you are going to express.: Your objective is not to belittle, berate, be sarcastic or attack someone, because their opinion is different than yours.

4. If their statement is pushing your anger button: know why! Try to understand the root of your own anger. Look at why they have formed such an opinion.

5. Express yourself by saying: "I feel angry with (you, them, this situation) because..." Stay calm in the face of your own and the other person's anger. The worse thing to do if someone is angry toward you is to shout back at them! Be patient and ask questions to get to the heart of problem. Try being carefully assertive, rather than aggressive.

6. Make lifestyle changes. Making small changes in your life can allow you to reap great rewards.

7. Get regular exercise: This can help to prevent the accumulation of tension and will give you regular time away from everyday stress.

8. Learn relaxation exercises such as yoga and meditation. These forms of exercise will help to release tension in a controlled, healthy way.

9. Change your environment. Find alternatives for situations which add stress to your life. Schedule time to relax and unwind.

10. Learn to express your feelings: either by talking to a friend or by venting feelings in other ways, perhaps creatively through painting, journaling or taking on a new hobby.



Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Homeopathy Awareness Week April 10-16


Good Morning!

Homeopathy Awareness Week April 10-16

To culminate the awareness week about homeopathy, I would like to offer some great tips and remedies.

The father of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, who discovered the law of cure known as "Similia Similibus Curentur", is honored each year at the start of his birthday in order to bring awareness to this amazing form of medicine. Homeopaths, patients and supporters around the world celebrate this invaluable healing science that has transformed millions of lives.

Homeopathy is the second most widely used system of medicine in the world. Homeopathy seeks to stimulate the body's defense mechanisms and processes so as to prevent or treat illness. It stimulates a person's immune system and body's natural defenses. Homeopathy not only offers relief from temporary disorders but, can provide long term healing.

Homeopathics are created by taking the remedy: a plant, mineral, chemical, or animal substance, diluting it in water and shaking it vigorously. The more it is sequentially diluted and shaken, the more potent the medicine. This is why minuscule doses are used.

"Like cures Like". Here are some perfect examples:

* A full strength dose of Ipeca will cause vomiting.
In a very diluted dose, it becomes a remedy to control nausea and vomiting.

* Coffee before bed will generally cause a sleepless night.
In an infinitesimal dose, it is used to treat insomnia.

*A large dose of sodium sulfate will characteristically provoke diarrhea.
An infinitesimal or homeopathic dose can cure that same type of diarrhea.

In general, the first session with a homeopath is for him/her to get to know your genetic heritage, lifelong health history, body type, psychological type, and present symptoms. The homeopath will ask many questions which seem out of the norm from a conventional doctor, but you must remember, his job is to consider your "whole" person.

He will ask questions like:
1. What time of day is your energy highest and lowest?
2. What type of weather or temperature do you love, hate?
3. How are you affected by being in the mountains, seashore?
4. What foods do you crave, are averse to, irritated by?
5. What position do you sleep in?
6. What dreams do you remember?
7. How does motion or lying down affect you?

There are hundreds of remedies with homeopathy as well as other modalities that employ the same theory called the Doctrine of Signatures. Start by looking at Avoiding the Antidotes. These are the contraindications when taking homeopathic remedies. Check Determining Dosage to understand how to take homeopathic remedies. Match Signs and Symptoms in order to choose the Best Homeopathic Remedy. Homeopathy is a profound and great integrative therapy that can be used in conjunction with many other forms of health care.

Homeopathic remedies can complement conventional drugs. There are no contraindications and no known side effects.

Avoiding the Antidotes

Homeopathic remedies are powerful remedies but they work in such small doses that they can easily be compromised! According to Classic Homeopathy, the following antidotes should be avoided:

Avoid heat, light, moisture.
Keep homeopathic remedies tightly sealed in a cool, dark place. The steam in your bathroom may not be a safe place for them. Consider an area outside of the medicine chest.

Refrain from mint.
Mint or peppermint toothpaste, mint in your ice tea or mint chocolate chip ice cream should all be avoided during the time you are using homeopathic remedies.

Avoid Aromatics.
Menthol, camphor, tiger balm and perfume can neutralize homeopathic remedies.

Don't touch.
Pour the remedy pills from the bottle into the cap. Then pour them under your tongue. The oil from your hands can affect them.

Not with meals.
Take one half hour before eating or one to two hours after.

Don't chew or swallow.
Dissolve homeopathic pellets under the tongue. They absorb quickly into the bloodstream this way. Homeopathic drops can be taken the same way or in a glass of water.

Avoid stimulants.
Avoid smoking, coffee and caffeine especially within 30 minutes of taking homeopathic remedies.

Determining Dosage and Dilution

Whenever possible, take a remedy at bedtime, as the body is at rest. During the day try to take the remedy away from meals, at least 1/2 hour before eating, and at least one hour after eating because while the body is busy digesting food there can be a digestive upset with certain remedies. In an acute case, such as an injury, take the remedy immediately no matter when you have eaten. The mouth should also be free of any strong tastes. You may drink liquids shortly before and after taking a remedy. If you are taking a remedy several times a day, try to schedule some of the doses before bed, upon waking and during the day.

Select the remedy that most closely matches the symptoms. In conditions where self-treatment is appropriate, unless otherwise directed by a physician, a lower potency (6X, 6C, 12X, 12C, 30X, or 30C) should be used. In addition, instructions for use are usually printed on the label.

Many homeopathic physicians suggest that remedies be used as follows: Take one dose and wait for a response. If improvement is seen, continue to wait and let the remedy work. If improvement lags significantly or has clearly stopped, another dose may be taken. The frequency of dosage varies with the condition and the individual. Sometimes a dose may be required several times an hour; other times a dose may be indicated several times a day; and in some situations, one dose per day (or less) can be sufficient.

If no response is seen within a reasonable amount of time, select a different remedy.

Read the recommended dosage for each remedy, which usually is to be taken before meals unless indicated otherwise. Homeopathic remedies are comprised of natural ingredients and will cause no harm if you take too much.

Purposely taking more than the prescribed dosage will not result in an enhanced effect. If you take too little, or miss a dose, just continue on as normal with your next scheduled dose. Missing dosages will only result in the remedy being less effective.

Homeopathic drops should be placed onto the tongue so that they are directly absorbed by the mucous membranes. Should the taste be too strong, a few drops of water may be added.

What is a dilution?

A homeopathic medicine is obtained by using the process of successive dilutions of a mother tincture in order to achieve the maximum benefit for a particular symptom. The mother tincture is created by breaking a substance down and then dissolving it in alcohol or water, depending on the substance.

Homeopathic dilutions are made by dissolving 1 part of an active ingredient, for example Apis, with 9 parts of an inactive ingredient such as water or alcohol. This 1:9 ratio is referred to as a "D" dilution. Each time the mixture is diluted, called a succession, it has to be shaken by hand in a certain way to achieve the desired effect.

By combining one part mother tincture with 9 parts alcohol/water, we reach D1 dilution (expressed as 1x in the product description). Each dilution factor has different properties and affects different symptoms. Homeopathic medicines may have different dilutions of the same mother tincture depending on the desired effects. If you read 'Apis 4x' on our label, it means one part Apis was mixed with 9 parts of alcohol/water, resulting in Apis 1x. One part Apis 1x was then added to 9 parts alcohol/water in order to get Apis 2x (D2) which combined with 9 parts alcohol/water gives us Apis 3x (D3). One more succession brings us to Apis 4x (D4).

Signs and Symptoms

Modalities are the modifying influences and circumstances which either ameliorate (influences, which make the symptoms feel better), or aggravate (influences, which make the symptoms worse). Modalities include many factors and stimuli as perceived by the patient. Modalities may have to do with temperature, weather, climate, movement, activity, time, right and left side, sensations, physical contact, foods, drinks, etc. They are the sensory manner and mode of how the symptoms are felt by the individual, and they are a most important criterion in choosing the right remedy.

Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac
Therapies for healing
mind, body, spirit

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Diseases and Remedies


Indigestion – Dry ginger Powder + Jaggery, ½ Spoonbefore each

LooseMotions – Fried Black Pepper in Ghee, 2 pieces 3times a day.

Hysteria –Smell Dry Turmeric Stick burnt with fire.

SwellingWounds – Apply Paste of Amaranth leaves.

KidneyStones – Drink Fresh Vasa Root Juice for 1 month.

Cold& Cough – Intake Paste of Long pepper with Honey.

Gastritis –Garlic Juice with Hot Water. 2times a day.

DryCough – Gallnut or inknut Powder + Honey. 2times a day.

MentalDisorders – Ginger + Jaggery In the morning time. Triphala
Churnam +Honey in the night time.

Elephantiasis –Apply Decoction of Papaya leaves.

Eyediseases – Apply Dipped white cloth in Turmeric water on the

Jaundice– Intake ½ spoon of decoction(Dry Amla + Gallnut or
inknut + Myrobalan Belliric fruit+Honey)

Flemin chest – Intake Long pepper Powder with Guduchi Juice.

StomachAche- Black Salt (Sowarcha Lavan) + Long pepper + Gallnut or
inknutwith hot water twice daily.

Leprosy-Drink ½ spoon Guduchi Juice followed by Rice Starch water
after 1hour and Gheerice.

Headache –Head bath with Soapnut. Apply Eucalyptus oil on dry hair.

Leg Pains – ApplyGarlic paste with salt on the legs.

Bulges– Apply Ivy gourd leaf paste with mild Limestone.

FireBurns – Apply Slaked lime paste filtered water mixed with

Dryfeet (wrinkles) – Apply Banyan tree milk.

Cholera –Gigantic-Swallow-Wort buds + Boiled Long pepper with borax
and clove and maketablets. Intake 3 tablets a day.

AcuteParonychia – Insert lemon on finger.

Heartpain – Massage with eucalyptus oil on the heart.

Tonsils –Apply Country Fig Tree milk again and again once dried.

Feverwith Shivering – Intake decoction of purple basil root.

Ringworm –Apply heated mustard oil with garlic.

ToothSwellings – Gargle decoction of Plumeria or temple tree bark.

Earpains – Honey +Ginger +Rock salt heated in coconut oil to be used
asear drops.

Hairfall – Mango + gooseberry juice needs to apply on hair.

Toothache -Eat black sesame seeds immediately drink cold water.

MouthUlcers –chew young leaves of Banyan tree and spit.

Paralysis –massage with garlic + turmeric paste.

Cold –Inhale vapors of boiled turmeric water.

Diabeticcontrol – Take 1 spoon juice of Young tender leaves of neem
in earlymorning.

Nightblindness – Rub black pepper in curd and apply the paste under

Bloodmotions – Eat wood apple fruit with Jaggery.

Cough& Asthma – Intake Long pepper paste with honey twice a day.

Psoriasis –Sandalwood paste with borax apply on affected parts.

Sexualpower – Honey with castor seeds to be taken before sleep.

Malaria –Intake one spoon holy basil decoction twice a day and drink

Typhoid –Intake Hot water +Honey +Turmeric powder followed by
buttermilk and coconutwater twice a day.

Source : http://smartwaytohealth.blogspot.in

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Health Benefits of Longan Fruits


Health Benefits of Longan Fruits:

Longan fruits are soft, smaller than lychee fruits, akin to Lychee and
brown in color. Longan fruit trees were supposed to be originated from
China and then spread across the globe, also found in Florida, USA.
Both Longan and Lychee fruits are available in the same season. Longan
fruits are edible, it could be taken as raw fruits and dried fruits are
stored for later usage. Longan fruits are extensively used in Oriental
Medicine for its medicinal benefits. Longan fruits or otherwise known
as Dragon's eye and scientifically called as Dimocarpus Longan and
belong to the family of fruits, Rambutan.

Longan fruits consist of rich content of Vitamin C that is equal to the
eighty percent of daily requirement. Longan fruits mainly contain
mineral like iron, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin A, and
other Vitamins, Minerals, essential antioxidants.

Health benefits of Longan fruits include; Longan fruits are used in
traditional medicine to treat sleeplessness, amnesia, dropsy and
stomach pains. Longan fruits provide soothing relief to nervous system,
provide nourishment to blood and improve heart and spleen health. It
strengthens immune system, provides relief from flu and cold, improves
skin health, helps to heal wounds quickly, and eliminates free oxygen
radicals due to the presence of Vitamin C. Polyphenols and antioxidants
found in these fruits, eliminate free radicals, reduce inflammation,
prevent atherosclerosis, and prevent cancer.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Celebrating Spring: Essential Oils for the Season


Good Morning!

Celebrating Spring: Essential Oils for the Season

Spring is a time of new beginnings, new growth, planting seeds, purification,
and for clearing out the old. Following the rhythms of nature and developing
harmony with the ways in which nature cares for itself, we can also create
balance within our own lives. Trees, plants, grasses and seeds that have laid
still throughout the winter slowly emerge from their dormancy. Buds develop and
grow into new leaves and flowers, plants and grasses emerge through the ground
from their resting roots, and seeds sprout; all from the extended sunlight,
warmth, rains, and fall's nourishment.

Jasmine: Jasmine is a bold, sweet scent. Jasmine is the greatest aphrodisiac of
all. These night blooming flowers are picked at their height to bring out one of
the most sexy scents. Associated throughout history with the compassionate
Goddess of the Moon, Jasmine, grown along the Nile in ancient Egypt, is
represented Isis, the Egyptian Mother Goddess who held the secrets of fertility,
magic and healing.

Patchouli: Patchouli is a sweet, earthy scent. Its smell is intense and spicy.
From an energetic point of view, Patchouli, like Jasmine, is warm and yet
anti-inflammatory in action. It combines a calmative property with a gentle
stimulating effect that uplifts the spirit! Patchouli is a sweet and grounding
harmonizing fragrance!

Neroli: Neroli is distilled from bitter orange trees. It has a refreshing, spicy
aroma and is known for its sensual, exotic effect. Neroil oil is emotionally
unifying and soothes with harmonizing effects. Described as both sensual and
spiritual, Neroli helps to restablish the link between a disconnected mind and
body. Neroli paves the way for a gradual release and allows us to recall hope
and joy!

Rose: The Mother of All Flowers, the Rose has amazing powers of love, trust and
self acceptance. Roses are representative of faith, hope and love and has the
qualities to restore the very center of one's being. A gentle tonic of the
heart, Rose oil's psychological properties lie mainly in its effect on the mind,
the center of our emotional being. Rose oil calms and supports the heart and
helps to nourish the soul!

Peppermint: Peppermint oil is the most extensively used of all the volatile
oils, both medicinally and commercially. The characteristic anti-spasmodic
action of the volatile oil is more marked in this than in any other oil, and
greatly adds to its power of relieving pains arising in the alimentary canal.
From its stimulating, stomachic and carminative properties, it is valuable in
certain forms of dyspepsia, being mostly used for flatulence and colic. It may
also be employed for other sudden pains and for cramp in the abdomen; wide use
is made of Peppermint in cholera and diarrhea.

Lemon: Lemon is a fresh sunny scent that is cold pressed from the rind itself!
Lemon has antiseptic-like properties and contains compounds that have been
studied for their effects on immune function. It may serve as an insect
repellent and may be beneficial for the skin. Diffuse it in your house for a
fresh alternative to air spays. It compliments the Oil of Oregano to neutralize
the over growth of Candida. Put a few drops on a tissue and vacuum it into your
vacuum bag to freshen the smell of your carpets and furniture coverings. 1 drop
is also very refreshing and purifying when taken in a glass of water.

Eucaluptus: Eucalyptus was first employed by Australian aborigines, who not only
chewed the roots for water in the dry outback but used the leaves to treat
fever, cough, and asthma, and European settlers quickly adopted it as medicine.
You can also use a few drops of eucalyptus oil in boiling water or in a bath as
an inhalant. Eucalyptus is often used for - Sore muscles, Insect repellant,
Tension headache, Cold, Cough, Sinusitis, Rheumatoid arthritis, and

Orange: Orange essential is obtained from the rind of the fruit and used
principally as a flavoring agent Orange oil is an antidepressant, antiseptic,
antispasmodic, carminative, digestive, febrifuge, phototoxic sedative, tonic.
Orange oil helps spreads sunshine on gloomy thoughts and depression, has a very
comforting and warming effect and dispels tension and stress and helps revive
when feeling low on energy. Orange oil calms the stomach both for constipation
and diarrhea. Stimulates bile which helps digestion of fats. Has a beneficial
effect on colds, bronchitis and fever. Helps with the formation of collagen -
vital for tissue repair and hair growth. Also helpful with muscular pains. Helps
anxiety and insomnia. Possibly reduces blood cholesterol levels. Orange oil
helps dry skin conditions softening wrinkles and dermatitis. An excellent skin
tonic. Orange oil can make the skin photosensitive to sunlight.

Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac
Therapies for healing
mind, body, spirit




A group of students were asked to list what they thought were the present "Seven Wonders of the World." Though there were some disagreements, the following received the most votes:

1. Egypt's Great Pyramids
2. Taj Mahal
3. Grand Canyon
4. Panama Canal
5. Empire State Building
6. St. Peter's Basilica
7. China's Great Wall

While gathering the votes, the teacher noted that one student had not finished her paper yet. So she asked the girl if she was having trouble with her list.

The girl replied, "Yes, a little. I couldn't quite make up my mind because there were so many."
The teacher said, "Well, tell us what you have, and maybe we can help."
The girl hesitated, then read, "I think the 'Seven Wonders of the World are:

1. to see
2. to hear
3. to touch
4. to taste
5. to feel
6. to laugh
7. and to love."

The room was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. The things we overlook as simple and ordinary and that we take for granted are truly wondrous! A gentle reminder - that the most precious things in life cannot be built by hand or bought by man........
🌞 Gud Morning & a lovely day ahead 
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