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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Diseases and Remedies


Indigestion – Dry ginger Powder + Jaggery, ½ Spoonbefore each

LooseMotions – Fried Black Pepper in Ghee, 2 pieces 3times a day.

Hysteria –Smell Dry Turmeric Stick burnt with fire.

SwellingWounds – Apply Paste of Amaranth leaves.

KidneyStones – Drink Fresh Vasa Root Juice for 1 month.

Cold& Cough – Intake Paste of Long pepper with Honey.

Gastritis –Garlic Juice with Hot Water. 2times a day.

DryCough – Gallnut or inknut Powder + Honey. 2times a day.

MentalDisorders – Ginger + Jaggery In the morning time. Triphala
Churnam +Honey in the night time.

Elephantiasis –Apply Decoction of Papaya leaves.

Eyediseases – Apply Dipped white cloth in Turmeric water on the

Jaundice– Intake ½ spoon of decoction(Dry Amla + Gallnut or
inknut + Myrobalan Belliric fruit+Honey)

Flemin chest – Intake Long pepper Powder with Guduchi Juice.

StomachAche- Black Salt (Sowarcha Lavan) + Long pepper + Gallnut or
inknutwith hot water twice daily.

Leprosy-Drink ½ spoon Guduchi Juice followed by Rice Starch water
after 1hour and Gheerice.

Headache –Head bath with Soapnut. Apply Eucalyptus oil on dry hair.

Leg Pains – ApplyGarlic paste with salt on the legs.

Bulges– Apply Ivy gourd leaf paste with mild Limestone.

FireBurns – Apply Slaked lime paste filtered water mixed with

Dryfeet (wrinkles) – Apply Banyan tree milk.

Cholera –Gigantic-Swallow-Wort buds + Boiled Long pepper with borax
and clove and maketablets. Intake 3 tablets a day.

AcuteParonychia – Insert lemon on finger.

Heartpain – Massage with eucalyptus oil on the heart.

Tonsils –Apply Country Fig Tree milk again and again once dried.

Feverwith Shivering – Intake decoction of purple basil root.

Ringworm –Apply heated mustard oil with garlic.

ToothSwellings – Gargle decoction of Plumeria or temple tree bark.

Earpains – Honey +Ginger +Rock salt heated in coconut oil to be used
asear drops.

Hairfall – Mango + gooseberry juice needs to apply on hair.

Toothache -Eat black sesame seeds immediately drink cold water.

MouthUlcers –chew young leaves of Banyan tree and spit.

Paralysis –massage with garlic + turmeric paste.

Cold –Inhale vapors of boiled turmeric water.

Diabeticcontrol – Take 1 spoon juice of Young tender leaves of neem
in earlymorning.

Nightblindness – Rub black pepper in curd and apply the paste under

Bloodmotions – Eat wood apple fruit with Jaggery.

Cough& Asthma – Intake Long pepper paste with honey twice a day.

Psoriasis –Sandalwood paste with borax apply on affected parts.

Sexualpower – Honey with castor seeds to be taken before sleep.

Malaria –Intake one spoon holy basil decoction twice a day and drink

Typhoid –Intake Hot water +Honey +Turmeric powder followed by
buttermilk and coconutwater twice a day.

Source : http://smartwaytohealth.blogspot.in

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