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Sunday, June 10, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Re:Athsma..Rita


Dear Rita,
I am responding as a person who personally dealt with severe allergies since the age of 6 and as a healing professional of 14 years. Some of the ideas below may not apply to you or you may already be aware of, but just throwing out my management practices for you and others suffering.

There was a study on asthma and sensitivity, what they found was that 40% reported a reduction of symptoms when they wrote in a journal about their daily activities and feelings. And they reported a 70% improvement of daily symptoms when they wrote in a journal everyday about painful memories and events from the past and childhood. The lungs are about fear, so it maybe helpful to do some tapping around fear thoughts when the symptoms arise or before they do.

Other things to consider around management:
1)Making sure you are sleeping in clean sheets and wearing clean clothes daily. (I was bedding every week.)
2)Not going to bed with the clothes you wore during the day and showering hair and body before sleeping.
3)Not ever placing clothes back in your closet that have been worn.
4)Living in a home without forced heat/air or carpeting and wood floors. (If you do have vents, placing a vent cloth over them to help keep out dust and also cleaning filter every three months. cleaning ducts every year min.)
5)Keeping a simple zen like home free from clutter.
6)Not wearing your shoes in the house from outside as it tracks in pesticides and allergens.
7)Clearing your space energetically every day with sound singing bowls or sage. (sage may be a trigger for you?)
8)Clean your home with biodegradable/scent free products
9)Use biodegradable laundry soap, NO bounce or Tide.
10)Consider the time of day you are exercising and how that maybe a factor. For example are you actually rising in the morning and exercising after sleeping and really reacting from sleeping? Or are you exercising at the peek of pollen dispensing?
11)Start writing a food journal and then track your reactions in the journal with time/day/activity.
12)I second the idea of eliminating GMO foods, eating primarily organic foods, reducing consumption of any smoking (recreational or cigarettes) reduction or elimination of alcohol, eating fresh foods, limiting wheat, corn, processed foods, and refined sugar.
13)Do NOT use glade or other air fresheners in your home, Lysol, bleach, or Pinesol.
14)If you dry clean your clothes use a dry cleaner that doesn't use chemical cleaners or keep your dry cleaned clothes in your basement or front hall closet, not your bedroom!
15) Radical idea to some- consider the effects of EMF in your home and sleeping. We had a bio-engineer come into our home and tell us problem areas for high Electrical Current, one big problem is all homes ground into the water pipe connecting all bad wiring along the entire block. We use a Total Shield to help dispel the EMF in our home, it's a Tesla coil. Consider not having a two prong light or clock near your bed, or simply place the plug in a three prong converter and stick in outlet, which reduces the EMF output by 80%. Do NOT keep your cell phone ON near your head or in your bedroom at night. Turn it OFF and do NOT leave it plugged in by your bed or use it as an alarm clock. If you can turn off any wireless unit in your home at night and unplug it from socket. Our bodies and organs clean and clear from the day through the night, so its important to have very little EMF interference. For reference around organ meridian cleansing see this: http://www.unolens.com/blog/tcm-traditional-chinese-medicine-body-clock

Treatment Ideas:
1)A sugar cleanse and detox from candida (a common underlying issue for all allergies and asthma.)
2)Using therapeutic grade essential oils, (Young Living) like peppermint, RC, Thieves. (I know a 7 year old who runs the RC blend in a therapeutic sense distiller every night and it helps her dramatically.) Peppermint and RC can be placed directly on the chest before sleeping.
3)Consider going through the Brimhall Chiropractic techniques for reducing sensitivity, I saw a 70% reduction after I did 25 sessions.
4)Consider acupuncture for treatment.
5)Biofeedback and a muscled testing of food/chemical sensitivity.

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