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Monday, June 11, 2012

Re: [AlternativeAnswers] Re: Asthma


drinking a lot, stress, and certain meds increase use up a lot of magnesium.
Getting up to normal levels can take a long time.
The best type is spray on magnesium chloride.
Much is lost in the digestive system with tablets.

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Magnesium is what fixes me up for the asthma. I tried all kinds of natural remedies, and none of them helped me at all. 8 tablets of magnesium oxide had me breathing freely within an hour. And every time since. Sounds like large doses of magnesium won't hurt anybody unless they have kidney problems.

That was several years ago; I gradually tapered off the large doses, down to like one tablet a day, then I'd skip it for awhile after a bottle ran out, then finally lately, I hadn't taken any at all for a few months.

Suddenly, allergy runny nose and asthma hit a couple weeks ago. The magnesium fixed me right up again. So now I'm wondering if the body stores magnesium for awhile...

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> I have really been "plagued" with my allergies this season and hoping this great group can help me with an alternative" instead of the albuterol puffer....I need to stay inside and it seems I react to any physical excersise also.
> Hope some of you have some great remedies!
> Rita

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