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Monday, June 18, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Mangosteen Health Benefits


Mangosteen Health Benefits:

Mangosteen fruits are often called as Wonder fruits by Researches for
its healing properties, and it is originated from Indonesia. Mangosteen
fruits are juicy, tangy, sweet, and fibrous with inedible reddish
purple rind.

Mangosteen comprises of more than 40 natural chemical substances that
is homologous to bioflavonoids, which are biologically active compounds
known as Xanthones. Xanthones are powerful antioxidants which boost the
immune system. Gamma mangosteen is anti inflammatory while alpha
mangosteen is potent antioxidant, and anti tumor agent is Garcinone E,
which are all present in Mangosteen fruits. In addition to these, it
also contains phosphorous, calcium, antioxidant polyphenols,
polysaccharides, potassium, stilbenes, iron and Vitamin B complex
constituents like B6, B1, B2 and Vitamin C.

Mangosteen Health benefits include; Mangosteen fruits are used
traditionally for the treatment of various health disorders in Asian
Countries long back ago for its medicinal properties. The biologically
active Xanthones and antioxidant polyphenols exhibit astringent, cancer
fighting, anti tuberculosis and antihistamine properties. In addition to
these, it has antioxidant and serotonin blocking properties. Mangosteen
fruits health benefits are scientifically proved. It is a wonderful and
popular fruits for diabetic people as it effectively lower insulin
administration. It is a safe, powerful and natural anti inflammatory

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