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Saturday, June 16, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Super Foods That Fight Cancer


Super Foods That Fight Cancer:

Eating right foods could help to prevent many health complications
including cancer. Countless Research has been done on foods, and that
what foods cause health risk and what foods improve health and prevent
health disorders. Studies have revealed that some foods have been
included in cancer combating category, after the research proved the
potential health benefits of the same.

Let us discuss some of the super foods that fight cancer as the studies
have proved its efficacy to curb cancer and provide other health
benefits. Dairy products are goods source of Vitamin D, which inhibits
cell division and growth and helps to protect cell changes that leads
to cancer. The richest source of Vitamin D is found in low fat dairy
products like skimmed milk, cottage cheese, yoghurt, and oily fish,
eggs, and Vitamin D is synthesized by the body itself when we are
exposed to sunshine for at least 20 minutes per day. As per the results
published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vitamin D present
in the above cited food products effectively combat cancer and prevent
the same. To prevent cancer, take one glass of milk per day and eat 3
to 4 eggs per week, is advised to get this health benefit as per

Due to the presence of rich content of dietary fiber, whole grains
considerably reduce the risk of contracting cancer. Women, who take at
least 25 grams of dietary fiber foods in the diet, are less likely to
develop cancer and their risk of developing the disease is reduced to
nearly 40%. So it is advised to take wholegrain cereal foods such as
brown rice, whole meal pasta and porridge in the diet, to prevent
cancer. Beans and pulses such as lentils and chick peas, and kidney
beans are fully loaded with cancer protective dietary fiber, lignans,
polyphenols, which inhibit the growth of cancerous tissue thereby help
to protect from cancer disorder, as per the research studies.

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