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Monday, June 11, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Diabetic allergic to vegetables - help


I have been a diabetic II for about 6 years and always responded well to oral insulin. I am also allergic to Oxalic Acid and was on Poly Citra Rx and COULD eat veggies for the first 3 yrs of diabetes. Then my insurance refused to pay for it. Tried generic poly citra & blood sugar went over 500 plus I had kidney stones and was hospitalized for kidney infections
The Oxalic Acid in most foods attaches to the calcium in my body, makes me extremely tired, causes uncontollable restles legs, then kidney stones, then kidney infections, all in that order.
I have not been able to eat anything with Oxalic Acid for the last 3 years and was still able to maintain blood sugar with pills while eating carbs. While I was being treated for a small bit of cancer 2 yrs ago I then got the dawn phenomenon. I was also on Prandin then and it did not work lower blood sugar plus I was constantly craving carbs. Recently Doc put me on Metformin and I broke out in huge hives. I switched back to Prandin, it still does nothing and I constantly crave sweets that I want to go out at 3am and buy candy. I don't give into the cravings and then my stomach hurts terribly. I was in constant cravings and pain. I quit taking Prandin because I cannot stand it. Since I cannot eat vegetable, beans, grains, fruits, plus I cannot eat any carbs or sweets I am in a terrible limbo.
I eat beef and chicken but cannot use any gravies, dips or sauces. And, I still crave food.
Sometimes I can eat raw organic vegetables but then I never fall asleep. I drink baking soda water when the restless legs start but cannot prevent the stones. I make organic salads at home without lettuce, but the dressings cause problems, either with the diabetes and/or the stones.
I have tried to mimic the poly citra with potassium citrate and the baking soda, and I think it helps, but I still cannot control my blood sugar.
A ND told me that I have hyperinsulin and I believe I do. But, if I have enough insulin in my body and it doesn't work then I believe I am Insulin Resistant. My fasting blood sugar this morning was 356. I have no idea what to do.
I want to go on the Paleo Diet but I am very allergic to it.
Wonder if someone might have ideas so I can eat vegetables. Thank you.

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