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Monday, February 20, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Essiac tea Health Benefits


Essiac Tea Health Benefits:

Essiac Tea is the combination of health promoting herbs, which are sheep
sorrel, slippery elm inner bark, burdock root and rhubarb root and these
combination of herbs supposed to have been originated in Canada and
discovered by the people of Ojibway Indians. Firstly, the Essiac tea
formula was known to have developed by Nurse in Canada, who developed
another formula known as Flor-essence that contain the original formula
of Essiac, with other combination of herbs, called as watercress, red
clover, blessed thristle and kelp, after the Government of Canada
imposed restrictions for the first developed essiac tea formula. Essia
tea is well known for its cancer fighting properties.

The herbs and roots are used in the Essiac tea comprise of essential
flavonoids, antioxidants, vital minerals and Vitamins that contribute to
promote general health and fights especially against cancer, and it is
also known as claim to fame for its proven efficacy against cancer.
However, essiac tea not alone could not prevent cancer and other health

Essiac tea health benefits include; essiac tea is one of the well known
herbal supplements, which improves general health, prevents ill health,
and prevented numerous health disorders. The consumption of Essiac tea
as per the advice of nutritionists or physicians who practice
alternative herbal medicine, it prevents deposition fats in arteries,
liver, kidneys and heart, and controls LDL cholesterol, as it helps to
digest fats and sugars into energy, thereby improves heart health and
prevent cardiovascular disorders, and prevent heart strokes. Essiac tea
imporves digestion and kills intestinal parasites. Another proven health
benefit of essiac tea is that eliminates mineral deposits like mercury,
aluminum, lead in the body. It strengthens muscles and tissues, prevents
stiffness in joints, improves bone health, and prevents osteoporosis.

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