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Thursday, February 16, 2012

RE: [AlternativeAnswers] anyone know about testing for pyroluria?



I found this, perhaps it's what you are looking for:

Vitamin Diagnostics/European Laboratories of Nutrients

Industrial Drive & Route 35
Cliffwood Beach, N.J. 07735
(732) 583-7773
Email: <mailto:vitamindia@aol.com> vitamindia@aol.com

Offers specialized nutritiontal testing including complete bioavailable
vitamin and mineral panels (serum, whole blood and intracellular). Amino
acids (individual or panel), total homocysteine test, free homocysteine
test, essential fatty acids panel (red blood cells, lymohocytes or
leucocytes) are offered as well as tests for lipoic acid,
Acetyl-L-Carnitine, salivary hormones, toxic metal panel, and salivary
mercury levels. Tests related to depression: platelet or urine catecholamine
panels, urinary T3/T4 for sub-clinical hypothyroid, histamine test, amino
acid panel, as well as vitamin, mineral and essential fatty acids profile.


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