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Sunday, February 19, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: colon cancer


Will they listen to alternative advice?
If they will try to stall the operation ( if applicable) and consider these options:
1. Alkaline diet. (for the rest of his life)
2. Bicarbonate. In your case it can be administered as an enema. May prove very powerful, and you may see a full cure in a few weeks.
3. Large daily dose of vitamin D.
4. get plenty of omega 3 (like flax seed oil- fresh) + sulfur containing foods
5. Find toxic things in his environment and get rid of them: radiation, solvents, asbestos, smoke, ect.
6. Read past posts on this group, there's a lot of info here.
7. Pray & give. There is only one who gives life. Make your life worth it, for this life and for the next.

That's for a start. There is a lot you can do. An operation and chemo means a lower quality of life, and no promises for a longer life. The conventional track record is bleak. The cancer industry needs lots of funerals to convince people (to scare them) to get expensive treatments. But first of all, make sure your dad wants help. If they don't, they will not listen to you, or you will get into a family fight, and separate in anger. You want him to live, but not everything is in your power.
Look after yourself too! You are also in for a hard ride.
Be well!

--- In AlternativeAnswers@yahoogroups.com, alia robinson <aliar4@...> wrote:
> My mother had colon cancer in 2008 and my dad just got diagnosed, could someone post on it, diet anything that could help. He is going into surgery asap. thanks.
> Alia

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