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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Elderberry, Cod Liver Oil & Coconut Oil for Infant Immune Booster?


Hi! My seven- month old son has had a cough since he was 3 months. We
consistantly suction his nose, elevate him while sleeping, run the cool- mist humidifier, etc. I guess I should mention that I am no longer breastfeeding.
We do not have holistic docotrs in our city. The closest is three hours away. So, I found a pediatrician that will tolorate my stance against vaccinations. His ped put him on daily breathing treatments, and we saw a specialist at the Children's Hospital who diagnosed him w/ tracheomalacia. His ped wanted to continue breathing treatments and is throwing a variety of meds at us to try to help. I refuse to keep offering random medications, and I no longer trust the ped or any doctor we've seen, for that matter.
I recently started giving him a daily probiotic in his morning bottle as an immune booster. He went an entire week without coughing! That's the first time in months. However, the cough is back, and I can tell it's associated with drainage from his nose. I have been looking into elderberry, cod liver oil and coconut oil. The black elderberry, certified organic made by Gaia Herbs specifically states that it supports upper respitory functions. I've found that
cod liver oil contains mercury, and that makes me want to steer clear. I haven't found a coconut oil, yet, that doesn't come in hard form and requires to be melted.
Could anyone please share your thoughts and ideas? I would greatly appreciate the brand names of any herbs or oils suggested.

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