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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: Stiff and aching joints


There could be several possibilities to your aching joints. Some of them could be:

1. Your not eating correctly. Being a vegetarian has many benefits, but that doesn't mean your eating correctly to give your body what it needs. I had a client that went Vegan and when I followed up with her, I found out she was eating 75% legumes and 25% fruits/vegetables. I recommended she turn that around, and boom, her energy went up.

2. This can also be energy related. Energies on the planet are changing, along with our bodies. Many people are becoming more and more sensitive to earth activities and weather. An earthquake, even if it isn't in your immediate area, still throws a pulse of electro-magnetic energy up when the tectonic plates come against one another to create that earthquake. A sensitive person can feel that, often in their legs.

Additionally, relating to energy, if you work with people, or have contact with people, you could be picking up energy from others.

Also, what changed in your life when this began? New job, relationship, change of location? etc. Anything new creates a change of energy, and sometimes it isn't the best.

And finally, relating to energy....at least this was my experience, and that of others I know personally, when you eat a more plant based diet, you naturally become more sensitive to energy over time. This means that all of the above could effect you more than others as your body begins to vibrate at a higher frequency due to your eating choices.

Having said all that, you may want to consider the following to help yourself:

1. What you eat: Salt effects the joints. Make sure you eat plenty of greens and a variety of fruits and veggies. The more colorful, the better, as you get more variety of nutrients. You may even want to consider juicing to really get those micro-nutrients.

2. Get in warm water and exercise. I can't recommend water exercise classes enough for people. Not only does the water help to cleanse our body's energy, it also is a natural electro-magnetic shield. Since the body, on a daily basis, has to counter all the signals it gets from many sources, this can deplete our immune system, because our energy is also being used to repel those signals. Being in water naturally creates a protective shield, allowing the body to begin recuperating.

3. Make sure there's nothing happening medically. And if there is, consider working with a Naturopath, or a doctor who will encourage you to work with natural approaches, as opposed to pharmaceuticals (if that is your preference).

4. Learn energy work techniques to help clear and boost your own energy naturally.

Hope this helps!


--- In AlternativeAnswers@yahoogroups.com, siphiwem1@... wrote:
> Hi everyone. I have been vegetarian for the past 4 years due to poor digestion of animal products. Last year my joints started to get stiff and aching during the night. Now, 8 months later, they are getting worse. In the morning I feel the pain when I get up. It gets better during the day, but I feel it as long as I move the joints.
> What could be causing this, and how can I improve the situation?

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