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Monday, January 31, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Personal Relationships and the Energetic Cords We Attach to Them


Personal Relationships and the Energetic Cords We Attach to Them

Energetic Cords and Threads

I have often come across people in my life that choose to see only one
way to live. This choice is brought on by how they were raised, what
influences they have had in their lives, and how they choose to
integrate those experiences into their personal power. I believe this is
a curious place in the human mind as individuals feel and see each
experience differently.

How we use these traits to feel secure or get what we need is at the
heart of it. If we do not feel safe then we create a way to make it
happen. It can be through anger, grief, fear and layers of victim energy
that we control our environment. By withholding emotion from those
around us, we can elicit different responses until we find one that we
like or one that consistently works. This is how cords come into being
between people. When we interact with others, we create these
attachments between both parties, especially when the interaction is
emotionally charged.

A cord is a energetic structure that sends information back and forth
between people. When we encounter others, cords are created between both
people. No matter where you are in the world, cords are made up of
energy, and they have no boundaries in regards to where each person
lives or works. My personal belief is that we should not carry cords
from anyone; we each have our own information we listen to and draw
from. Our DNA and cellular memory is unique to each of us and if we have
or allow cords then we are either being fed information that isn't our
own, and doesn't fit our bodies or drawing information from another
person and it won't fit. Generally, this will bring on emotional pain.
There are reasons we maintain cords with others. We must look at what it
is we need or want that is creating these unwanted cords.

How to identify cords we have with other people.

In this segment, you will find information to help you identify the
signs of being corded into. There are many ways cords will appear and
feel in the body. In the first part of this series, I mentioned how
strong emotions will allow cords between people. When we are involved
with others, our attachments to them will create cords; this is
especially true with long-term relationships.

Examples of when cording can occur are when we love someone and can't
imagine what life would be without them, and when you want to remove
someone from your life and can't seem to walk away. When looking at
family or work groups, more than likely, you will have multiple cords
that connect through all parties and some of these cords may have been
in place for years, while others come in with new experiences and
relationships. There are many beliefs around cords and loving someone,
so you must find your own comfort zone with this concept. My personal
belief is that we should not carry cords from anyone; we each have our
own information we listen to and draw from.

When we love someone and there is a cord between us, we are imprisoning
ourselves along with the other person. This creates a place of
dependency due to running emotions and information between each other.
Neither person is able to access his or her own information. Thus, the
information that is shared via the cord seems to only generate
conversations in the mind about what the problem is and not the
solution. It is not in your or the other persons best interest to
continue feeding into their way of being simply because you love them.
Typically when you allow this to happen, the emotional cord may be based
in fear. Fear of someone leaving you; fear they will not love you if you
change, etc.

Another example of being corded into is; when someone in our life we are
in conflict with and we cannot seem to resolve the conflict or move him
or her out of our life. Emotions like jealousy, revenge, anger,
competition will also bring on cords. Therefore, if you are experiencing
any of these you have a cord with or the person has corded into you.
People will use cords to control others; this gives them power to
manipulate the relationship to "get" something whether it's an emotional
response, or getting them to do something for them.

When you have done something for someone and you do not feel good about
it, then the information then the information you used while doing this
something was not your own. Through a cord, you were used by the
information being passed from the other person. If you had the thoughts
"this just doesn't feel right" but did whatever you were asked, then
your own information was overridden by the information coming through
the cord.

What do Cords feel like and how do you know you have them?

Think about the last time you were confused and couldn't make a decision
to bring about the desired outcome that satisfied you.. The thoughts
that surround you are the "what if's" in life. Many times you do nothing
and time runs out on what you were suppose to accomplish. Lethargy sets
in, making decisions even harder. These are direct signs that you have
been corded into.

Looking for and identifying cords can be a bit like looking for a needle
in a hay stack as sometimes you cannot identify where in your body
you've been corded into. One way to identify cords is to look at the
emotions that come up surrounding what you want to change. Is it grief,
anger, joy or a feeling like you are lacking in some way? Remembering
from part one of this series, cords come into being in your body via
strong emotions. Whatever form it takes, identifying the emotion will
lead you to where it sits in your physical and emotional body.

We have seven energy centers in our bodies, the first is at the base of
your tail bone and the seventh one is on the top of your head. This
system has different names depending on your beliefs but for the moment,
I will explain them as I've come to know them.

These energy centers are the chakras or the chakra system, (see the
article on chakras). Each chakra has a different job or purpose and all
are vital to your emotional, energetic and physical wellbeing. When you
have a cord it will be attached to one of these chakras in order to
accomplish whatever the desired outcome that you or something else is
looking for. When this happens, ask yourself what am I feeling and why
would someone cord into me?

Cords are used to control someone's actions whether it's through love,
friendship or emotional bullying. As an example, when you find yourself
unable to follow your true feelings in a group environment, or you have
a differing opinion from someone you are unable to communicate, you have
a cord that helps the other person(s) run their information through you
keeping you drawn in with their way of thinking. It's that feeling that
you know something doesn't feel right but you can't put your figure on

Do you have a person in your life who says they are your friend but when
you are around them you end up with an upset stomach, headache, or
general uneasiness? It could be the very same person you go to for
advice or reassurance that has corded into you. Ask them what they think
and they will reassure you that they are right and you should stop
worrying. This gives them control and a sense of power over you leaving
you feeling like "its" just not right. However, you give over to the
thought they wouldn't steer you wrong as they are your friend or someone
who loves you. Most often, this isn't done maliciously or intentionally,
it is human nature to find a pecking order or place in your life that
makes you feel comfortable.

The thought here is to gain an awareness of how you and your emotional
body feels, are you doing what's best in your life for you? Are you
giving your power away to belong and feel needed?

Make awareness a part of your daily life. Look at who you keep around
you and why. Most important, be gentle with yourself and those around
you, most people know not what they do.

Till then, be well and find joy in the little things.

Katharine Andrews

HTA Consulting


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