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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] 2011 Predictions


Welcome to a new year that brings much promise, joy, compassion in action, and
greeting the "New-Birth" of Earth through loving participation from the
Anthropos, and by finding the "one thing" that unites us all while still
celebrating our differences.

As I opened the traditional channel for year-end to year-beginning, I received a
very definite message with a single focus. This came from the Divine Source and
the Benevolent Beings of Many Colors. (BBMC are the beings of multiple galactic
races that have ascended through their solidified worlds into higher
consciousness of light. They are the loving light who oversees the evolution of
the Earth's Anthropos.)

So, with this understanding, my 2011Year Prediction will be a very different
format than the past Predictions. I will deliver the message in three forms of

1) The Divine Source Message Through the BBMC to the Anthropos of the Earth
2) The Topic of Occurrences During 2011 as Final Preparation for 2012
3) Journey Assistance and "Soultions" by Rev. Maxi

Let us begin with an open mind and fully filled love in our hearts. Take from
this message the words that resonate for you now, and place the rest aside for a
later time to review. Allow the message to intermingle with your unique, and
perfect Soul's path of existing experiences, and begin to weave a larger fabric
of personal wisdom.

The Divine Source Message Through the BBMC to the Anthropos of the Earth
We have been experiencing many oddities of Earth changes that are the "signs"
you have been asking for about the Great Shift. Yes, these changes have been
very real to the physical levels, however, the source comes from the conflict
with the Earth's mission and the created actions of its Anthropos. The Earth,
hence forth referred to as her True Spiritual name, Gaiama (Gaiama is the true
combination word for Mother Earth and her reunion with Mother Mary and Mary
Magdalene, now in Avatar form after living a carbon-based life on Earth, to
create the womb matrix), has a covenant to bring in the opportunities of Light
to manifest itself on lower levels of creation. This means that Gaiama needs to
be at a certain percentage of the Light to live and co-create with all life,
terra and "extraterra". All the elements that pull life's breath from her are in
balance with this covenant, except for the Anthropos. Yes... Us... The Humans.

This percentage, at this time needs to be no less than 83%. The past few years,
the tolerance was 76% and at times dropped to 57%. Those of you working on the
levels and with Gaiama, thank you, for assisting in maintaining the percentage
rate at the levels of negotiation. However, now is the time that all
negotiations have come to their end. 83% of light is now a given and we have
less than a year to ascent before the decisive moment of 2012. This does not
come as a fear-based threat, it comes from a love request from Gaiama that she
can no longer thrive in anything less that 83% light, to maintain the life force
of the planetary changes and at the same time, support all of us who forgot how
to love her.

This is not a major task, says the BBMC. All that is asked is that we understand
that we are completely responsible for our lives. Our Soul's created our lives
and we are perfect in all that we do. We created our bodies, our experiences,
why we were born, and... yes, we, as Sparks of God, created our lives to gain
this knowledge and experience at this time. Those who are hear now on Gaiama are
the strongest of the strong, and have birthed in to help Gaiama ascend into
higher levels to create room for us to grow. How loving is that? And all we have
to do is love ourselves, and know that we are here to experience all emotions,
situations, and growth on a Soul level for eternity. In future times, we will be
known as the dinosaurs that make it through evolution and we will become the
BBMC for other worlds reaching consciousness of unconditional and completely all
encompassing love of all forms of life.

Despite sounding "Woo-Woo", we CAN change the world simply by loving ourselves,
right from our own easy chair, without subscribing to any religion, extensive
prayer and meditation, howling at the moon, chanting to exhaustion, or other
forms of avoid simple yet powerful love. When we love ourselves, truly, at the
higher levels where lies the source of love, and being aware that we ARE Gods
and Goddesses that have the power to create our lives, we reclaim our Divine
power of creativity, responsibility for the ripple effect of our actions, and a
synchronization with the Universe, free of lower ego suppression that adheres to

The only way to find love is to BE love. Ask yourself who you are and change
the, I Am my career, I AM money, I Am anything else but love. Then let go of the
false "created" world and return to the loving Soul of the "Creative" being that
you are by Divine right. No one can judge you not even manmade religion that
steals away your God given right to experience life in it fullest form.

I have been studying and researching the Truth of Our Personal Light, and I
found much mana (Wisdom of the Universe that is Food for the Soul) in the found
scrolls of the Gospel of Magdalene, in which it is revealed, to let go of the
blocks to love known as the Seven Levels of Wrath (also know as how to find the
ascension path back to the basics... simple and uncomplicated). These Seven
Levels or Climates are:
Darkness, Craving, Ignorance, Lethal Jealousy, Enslavement to the Body,
Intoxicated Wisdom, Guileful Wisdom.

For many moons we have all been working on our inner world at various levels of
consciousness, and this year is the year to bring your positive inner work into
the outer reality. This means developing new social skills sourced from your new
inner love and all the wonderful work you have done on developing yourself into
higher consciousness levels. This does not mean that you will be going out and
pushing your opinions with daisies in the Airports, but it will be about
recognizing that everyone is a blessed Soul from the Divine with their own
blueprint to enlightenment, path process, choice is Soul experiences, and have
the same rights as you to pursue that path. This also means that you will need
to become more aware of how your actions create a ripple effect to others and

Those of you who have been working on your Aspect levels and dimensions, are
being called back into alignment for this project. This means that you will
unify your Divine work to a single focus on all levels. That being the love for
Gaiama to "New-Birth" into higher levels of existence for her children... US!
This also provides a unique, if ever, event in the Universe for Soul work and
rewards! (This is why there is so much interest by the extraterrestrials in this
sector of the Universe.) For many of us, this will be our last mission and
experience on Earth, for some time to come, if any, and I say, "Let's make it a
phenomenal exit!"


Note: Topics of Occurrence will be expanded in upcoming Newsletter articles (and
possibly recorded communications) as Prediction Updates.

The Topic of Occurrences During 2011 as Final Preparation for 2012:

Personal Growth
Achieving the "Still Point" and the power of the "IS-ness"
The Divine "Creative" vs. the "Created" (See this expanded article in the
January 2011 Newsletter, Predictions Updates)
Bringing your "Inner World" to your "Outer World"
Learning and applying new sociability skills
Receiving Past Deities as New Active Avatars
Focusing and Believing in the Joys of Life
Opening and Maintaining Your Creativity at All Cost
All Energy Has Value
Give Love to Your Ego

Responsibility and Gratitude to Gaiama
New Birth of Gaiama.
Frequencies Synchronizing to Gaiama
New Discoveries and Developments from Gaiama
Microbes and Minerals: Discovery and New Usage
Continuation of Extinctions and New Birth of Flora and Fauna
Believe It! The New Due North

Weather Changes
Global Climate United the World
Earthquakes and Weather: New Locations
Food Sources: Idaho Potatoes from New Mexico

Global Political Shifts
Call to Lightworkers: Wakeup! China's Under the Radar
U.S. Population Reclaims Their Forefather's True Credos
U.S. Implementing Legislation through Humanitarian Concerns

Extraterrestrial Contact
Awaken the DNA to Its Universal Wisdom
The Universal Plan Reveled
Discovery of New Celestial Bodies, Orbit Wobbles, Sunflares, Meteor Streams, and
Bends in Time
Respecting All Forms of Life on All Levels
Eyes to the Skies

History and Religion
Egypt Reveals Evidence of Religious Fallacies
Religions Seek A More Metaphysical/Spiritual Transition to the "One Truth"
Ancient Tribe Predictions Become a Map to the Future
In the Light: The Strongest of the Strong Here as Guidance
Journey Assistance and "Soultions" by Rev. Maxi

Along time ago, and elder told me that if I didn't wake up to my self, one day I
would turn the corner and run right into my own ass. Well, I am proud to say,
that the humbleness of my higher work allows me to see that I did just that. I
turned the corner of believing that love was somewhere "out there" and that God
was in control and denying me for some reason. I am right back to the start of
my Awakening in Egypt 12 years ago, (read the awakening story
www.marhatis.com/awakening.htm) when the magical powers and swimming with a wild
dolphin and her baby in the Red Sea, kept telling me to "Stay in the heart.
Everything is love, remember, remember, remember."

2011, and here I am with the big "I GET IT, THANK YOU". Now I just have to do
it. Just like anything we learn while in a human body, we must create Neuro
Pathways to the brain to learn how to do just about everything. Unfortunately,
we have "created" many ways to do this instead of using our god-given "Creative"
knowingness, to make our way through this world. So now we must be "Creative"
and make new Neuro pathways of positive Ganglion and replace the old pathways to
grasp the concepts of self power for change.

I have been working with this since New Year's Eve when the above communication
came to me. I was able to witness myself on a more real level of using negative
inner linguistics and projecting it out ward to any element that annoyed me. So,
here are some tips I have developed so far that are working for me.

First, I told myself that if I want love, I have to be love. Then I forgave
myself for all of my life issues and reclaimed them as being experiences not
lessons (changes in linguistics helps to focus the appropriate energy), which
eliminated a sense of guilt or failure. Then I congratulated my Soul for wanting
that experience and that we worked through it. Now I thought about how much more
I was in the drivers seat and asked my Soul what else it wanted to experience
and realized, that if I did not want to experience it in awake form, I could
experience it in full emotions (plus some new emotion coming in for all of us),
in my dreams. I tried it. That worked too!

OK, now I am set to push the envelop some more. So I tried acting in a state of
grace to honor my self love. I did this by putting love into everything I did
around the house... how I gracefully placed my dishes on the table or folding my
laundry, as thought I was giving love to some one else but instead I received it
for me. Still with me? I know this sounds nuts, but if you want to change a
belief patterns or a system, acting it out through your body makes it stronger
and more expedient... a full experience of body, mind, and soul.

Now I am ready to take it to the streets. And here in Mexico, this could be a
task! I now looked at the people, who I may have judged in the past, as people
who are creating experiences that their soul needs. I realized that this didn't
have anything to do with me, except that I could respect their choice and get my
own experience from witnessing it as well just in passing. I have to tell you, I
found a lot less stressful and actually felt joy by doing this.

I am now at the point where I am looking at everything with the realization that
it is all about the Soul's experience and how grateful I am to those who created
this place of opportunities for us to accept and to feed our souls. I stopped
running energy to block feelings of depression, sadness, and fear, and began
accepting it as equal to joy, peace, and rapture. Thus, not cheating my Soul's
experience and repetition of this great gift of opportunity to understand all
that is "Creative".

I am awakening to all is in silent beauty. The still point is achievable. The
"IS-ness" is our right. I am ready to dedicate my Soul's work to being here for
the Gaiama experience. I wish all this for you from my new awareness of higher

See you, Sweet Beings, through love on the Grids!

Light the World,
Rev. Maxi Harper


[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

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