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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Re: [AlternativeAnswers] Major Benefits of Iodine


thanks for that information. . . 
i may sound ignorant, but thats the truth. . 
where can we get the iodine your refering to? whats the name ? liquid ? capsules? tabs?
definitely, its not the tincture of iodine which is for external use only. .
what dosage usually is advise for maintenance ? prevention? cure if ever?
thanks for sharing ! ! 

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Subject: [AlternativeAnswers] Major Benefits of Iodine
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I want to share an article on a few major benefits of iodine written by Shella

Newth. I hope you like it.

1) Just Say No to Breast Cancer!

That's right! Iodine can be your lifesaver (literally). It can prevent, and

possibly even reverse breast cancers. You see, the iodine is generally soaked up

by the thyroid gland first, and then by the breast tissue itself, helpful to

relieve any issues there. People that get breast cancers have been tested to

show LOW iodine stores in their bodies…hmmm. Could there be a correlation here,

I think so!

2) I'm SOOOO Tired! Not Anymore!

Yup! Another amazing thing Iodine is known for is helping with chronic fatigue,

PCOS, Fibromyalgia, and just plain low energy. Do you feel tired all the time,

and just don't know why? Well, check your iodine reserves? Are you low?

Probably. Fix that and fix the tiredness!

NOTE: You can do a quickie test to see if you are "low" on iodine by getting the

iodine tincture at the drugstores. This is for external use only! Just put a 2

inch round swab of iodine on your arm somewhere and if it's gone in a few hours,

it GENERALLY means you are low. But I always recommend getting checked by a

qualified doctor for more detailed info!

3) Ovarian Cancer….Your Enemy Is Here!

Ok, you guess it! Iodine is spectacular when it comes to fighting off ANY type

of reproductive issues, such as ovarian or uterine cancers, or even painful

ovarian cysts. Iodine is your "knight in shining armor" especially when it comes

to these type of issues, but it's generally great at helping with most types of

cancer prevention.

4) Heart Disease? Iodine Can Help!

Iodine is absolutely amazing at healing your heart problems. Thousands of people

have said it helps their heart become more regular, and stopped any heart

arrhythmia or palpitations. Iodine is great for regulating your blood pressure

and blood sugar issues as well. It has even been known to help with Type 2


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