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Monday, January 17, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: Update on natural remedy for smell and taste


Yes, nasal polyps are also a sign of zinc deficiency. Any issues with smell and taste are tied to too little zinc in the body.

An easy way to find out how much zinc you need is to do the zinc taste test.

Look for zinc sulfate heptahydrate - it's a liquid zinc supplement found in most health food stores.

Swish a little in your mouth and see how long it takes to taste it. Most Americans are deficient and will not be able to taste this mineral - even after swishing it around for over a minute.

High-carb diets, calcium supplements, stress, pollution, and conventionally-grown produce all reduce the amount of zinc we have in our bodies.

To get zinc levels back to where they should be, use the zinc taste test to guide you. Take up to 150 mg per day until you can taste the mineral. You will be shocked when you finally can taste it - it's a very strong, bitter, metallic taste that will show you just how stunted your taste buds really were.

Once your levels are back to normal taper down to a maintenance dose of 15-25 mg per day.

As a word of caution, taking more than 150 mg per day can lead to deficiencies in other minerals like copper and iron.

For more information of zinc, see

Wishing everyone the best of health.


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> Do you think this will help someone who has nasal polyps and environmental allergies who can't smell?

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