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Sunday, January 23, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: Organic Farm + Sustainability in Motion Bicycle Tour


--- In AlternativeAnswers@yahoogroups.com, "Vladislav Davidzon" <vladislav@...> wrote:
> Hello friends,
> How would you like to have a week riding your bike to organic
> farms, learning about permaculture, community, and sustainable food
> production and participating in incredible service projects ?
> We invite you to join our annual Sustainability in Motion Cycling
> Tour in Oregon. More info @ http://commoncircle.com/sim
> Whether because of the intensive sustainability education or
> because they discovered their passion and ability for biking,
> numerous previous participants call their Sustainability in Motion
> experience one of the most profound, life-altering experiences
> of their entire lives.
> "I made some of my best friends on this course. The hosts provide
> such an enriching vision of the world and it's such a relief to
> be on a course with people you can really connect with off the bat"
> - David B, 2005/2006 participant
> Intentionally designed for beginner and intermediate cyclists, this
> experiential sustainability program is often the first cycle tour
> for many of our participants. The stunning places you will see on
> this program and the extraordinary people you will meet will
> challenge and inspire you.
> Throughout this week-long program you will take part in a wide range
> of educational hands-on activities. You’ll see family organic
> farms, learning how your food is grown, what it means for
> something to be organic, and why it’s absolutely critical
> to support local organic farmers. You will also cycle to model eco-
> villages and intentional communities where you will learn all about
> the challenges and gifts of choosing to live in community. Along
> the way, we will make stops at green businesses and cooperatives,
> demonstrating the power of community economics.
> Read more information: http://commoncircle.com/sim
> Common Circle Education is the nation's ecological design and
> sustainable living school with courses in Oregon, Hawaii and
> California; our instructors are some of the most well-known
> leaders in sustainability, organics and permaculture design.
> We hope you will be able to join us for this incredible,
> life-changing experiential course!
> Much gratitude,
> Vladislav for Common Circle Education
> commoncircle.com
> --
> common circle education
> 14525 sw millikan way, suite 17760, beaverton, or 97005
>oh yeah I'm in.

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