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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] You Are A Healer


Hi Everyone,

This e mail includes an attunement for enhancing your natural abilities as a healer. If you wish to receive the attunement, simply read and follow the instructions.

You Are A Healer Attunement

This attunement goes with the article You Are A Healer, which can be found on the Writing page of my website: http://www.lindawhitedove.com/ If you have not already, read the article before continuing with this attunement.

You can use the love you feel in your heart to enhance the healing and nurturing qualities of your touch. The purpose of this attunement is to further open the ease/depth/intensity with which your love energy flows through your hands and the rest of your body. It works with whatever level of heart/love openness you already possess making it easier for you to offer it to others. It will also be easier for you to experience loving sensations when you touch yourself.

Because this attunement works with whatever level of heart openness you already have, the more loving you feel towards yourself and others, the better the sensations and results from your loving touch. If you are a Reiki healer, this attunement can help you continue your development as an open-hearted clear channel for healing energy. However, it is not necessary to be a Reiki healer to benefit from this You Are A Healer Attunement. Healing comes from the heart. If you can feel love, you can use it for healing of yourself and others. It can even add to your lovemaking with a partner or enhance self pleasuring.

To attune means to tune in; to pay attention. Attuning is something you do all the time, although you are not always consciously aware of doing it. This You Are A Healer Attunement uses conscious intention to tune into your natural ability to use your heart/love energy to enhance the healing and pleasure of your touch. It helps you open the flow of your loving energy throughout your body. When you read and follow the instructions for attuning, I will be working with you, helping to open the flow of loving energy throughout your body. You will be attuned simply by reading the words in this document and following the instructions. No appointment time is necessary. Nothing further is needed. Please do not contact me asking to receive the You Are A Healer Attunement. Everything you need is right here in these instructions and your intention to tune in.

Instructions: to receive your attunement relax, close your eyes and intend to receive it in accordance with your highest good. Then take a few minutes to relax further and allow the attunement to integrate within you before resuming other activities. You may use this attunement once or twice, or you can use it daily. This attunement is active until January 31 2011, meaning my assistance will be available whenever you wish to tune in until January 31 2011.

After you are attuned, the energy will flow automatically every time you touch yourself or someone else. The more you allow yourself to feel lovingly towards yourself and others, the more enhanced the experience and potential results. No special symbols, techniques or instructions are needed to enjoy the increased flow of loving energy and to share it with others. Love heals. It is that simple.

I welcome any testimonials you have to offer regarding your experiences with loving touch from using this attunement. You are welcomed to forward this attunement to your friends, post it on social networking sites, share it on blogs and anywhere else you desire with these provisions: My name must be included as author along with my website and you must not change the words in any way,

Thank you for the opportunity to share this attunement with you. May it bring lots of healing and pleasure to you and to everyone you touch.

All the best,
Linda White Dove, M. Ed. Awakening Facilitator

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