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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Benefits of Flax Seed Omega 3


I want to share an article written by Kerry Ng on the benefits of flax seed
omega 3.

Omega 3 is a fatty acid found in flax seed, fish oil and some other types of
healthy oils. Nutritional experts have long been talking about the various
benefits of flax seed and Omega 3. The essential fatty acid Omega 3 found in
flax seed has the ability to promote good heart health, reduce the occurrences
of some common mental ailments and reduce pain and inflammations in individuals
suffering from arthritis. This article will review these benefits and enlighten
the reader as to why including flax seed in your diet may be critical for a
healthy lifestyle.

Heart Health

The Omega 3 found in flax seed has been studied by nutritionists and found to
promote heart health. Omega 3 lowers the bad cholesterol in the body while
positively effecting, if not necessarily increasing, the levels of good
cholesterol. Flax seed has also been shown to lower blood pressure in individual
who consume it and may prevent plaque from building along the artery walls.
Along with the physical health that is boosted by the consumption of flax seed
and Omega 3, some exciting mental health benefits also exist.

Mental Health

Since the foods that contain Omega 3 are not common in the diets of people
today, a deficiency of this vital fatty acid is common. Some experts believe
that it is this deficiency that has cause the rise in mental disorders including
ADHD, depression, and anxiety. Often the additional of flax seed with Omega 3
fatty acids to the diet of mental disturbed patients can ease their symptoms and
alleviate their suffering. Not only does Omega 3 from flax seed lessen the
instances of mental disorders but it can also increase the mood, mental acuity
and visual sharpness of those who include it in their daily diets. People who
eat flax seed with Omega 3 have also reported fewer instances of pain and

Reduced Pain and Inflammation

Arthritis sufferers can be limited in what activities they can take part in.
Flax seed and essential Omega 3 helps ease the pain and swelling in the joints
that is associated with osteoarthritis. Studies have also shown that omega 3
from flax seed can slow the breakdown of cartilage that causes arthritis to be
so painful and disabling. Since omega 3 promotes cell growth, it is possible
that eating flax seed on a daily basis can alleviate many common aches and
pains, such as eyestrain, headaches, lower back and leg pain. But how easy is it
to add flax seed to your daily eating menu?

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