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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] A novel of Spiritual Healing & Unlikely love in the Montana Wilderness


Montana Mist: Winter of the White Wolf


Just to let you know, I found a novel I loved and had to share it with
you. You can almost taste the wilderness and the life springing from the
pages of it! It's bestselling author, Doug Hiser's new novel,
Montana Mist, Winter of the White Wolf. Set in the town of Rime, Montana
the pages are replete with loners, free spirits and those simply looking
for a place to lose themselves for awhile.

Here's what reviewer Tracy Riva said, "The scenery in Montana
Mist vividly springs to life bringing the mountain town and its
surroundings into keen view as you peruse the pages of this piece of
modern folklore. Hiser brings not only the people of Rime, but also the
wild inhabitants of its nearby mountains to boldly dance across the
screen of your mind.

"What follows is one of my favorite passages from the book, a tall
tale that I suppose could have happened somewhere, at sometime but
probably takes place only in our fascinated imaginations. It is the tale
of a one-eyed wolf appropriately named Cyclops and a huge bull moose
which no wolf in his right mind would normally dare to attack alone:

"Suddenly Cyclops darted in and snapped at the moose's hind leg.
The wolf was fast and quick and he had drawn first blood. The moose
grunted and bellowed in rage, snot flung from his large nostrils as he
twisted in response to the biting pain in his rear leg. Cyclops rushed
in again and the moose was slower. The one-eyed wolf bit the moose in
the other hind leg. Throughout the entire engagement Cyclops had been
silent but the moose groaned and grunted and snorted in anger. The
moose's shoulders quivered and his mouth opened and closed as oxygen
was sucked in. Cyclops had one more trick to play against the big Bull
Moose. This is the part where I wish you could have been there…that
one-eyed wolf ran around the staggered moose and got behind him again.
Cyclops was too quick for that big engine of power. The moose was caught
off guard as the one-eyed wolf leapt high and far from behind. That wolf
jumped on the moose's back."

" …At first the moose just stood still, breathing hard and
tossing his antlers back and forth. Finally realizing there was a wolf
sitting on his back the moose started to jump and run. I saw that crazy
one-eyed wolf straddling that wild moose and clinging with all four paws
and biting a clump of thick hair on the moose's neck. Cyclops
didn't try to attack the moose. He was just trying to stay on for
the ride. That moose jumped and ran all over that clearing trying to
dislodge Cyclops. That was the strangest thing you ever saw, a crazy
one-eyed wolf riding on a bucking moose."

Hiser knows how to tell a story and he uses masterful prose to bring his
work to life for you to enjoy. I highly recommend Montana Mist, Winter
of the White Wolf- reading it will leave an indelible impression on you.
Andrew Aloha

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