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Saturday, January 22, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: How Lemons Can Help Fight Cancer


Lemons, like pineapple, actually help the body to increase in alkalinity. Many sicknesses and diseases simply can't survive in an alkaline environment. Although many who specialize in nutrition are at odds with one another as to what the proper alkalinity is for the body, older traditions, like Ayurveda are based on encouraging a more alkaline environment in the body, for this reason.

Alkalinity and acidity are also important factors because the body is electromagnetic in make up. With the majority of amercians eating high carbohydrate and sugar foods, this creates a highly acidic environment in the body.

Increasing food intake that increases alkalinity always boosts the immune system naturally. When combined with energy work, it can really boost the immune system. However, as with any healing regime, working with body, mind, and spirit, helps to creates positive sustainable results.


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