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Thursday, January 20, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] How Lemons Can Help Fight Cancer


I wish to share with you how lemons can help combat cancer.

Recent studies have emerged showing that some elements in lemons can help to
alleviate the effects of cancer and the side effects of medical treatment for
cancer. They can also help in the prevention of cancer and possibly, the
movement or growth of cancer cells.
Whether it is taken in the form of lemon juice, as a lemon essential oil or as
the lemon itself to flavor another type of food or drink, one can access the
cancer prevention and treatment qualities of the wonderful fruit that is lemon.

1. Lemons have phytochemicals. The limonene that is found in the rind of lemons
is a powerful phytochemical. Take note: Phytochemicals are not nutrients. They
are plant chemicals which the lemon plant produces as a means of self
protection. One could equate it in this way with the body's immune system.

New research shows that phytochemicals can also help to protect humans against
disease, too. The anticancer qualities of limonene work by increasing the amount
of enzymes in our bodies that detoxify carcinogens. We refer here to Glutathione
S-transferase, or GST, in particular. Limonene promotes the levels of GST in our
small bowel and liver. With more GST in our bodies, more carcinogens are

There have also been studies conducted with animals which show that limonene
helps to reduce the growth of mammary tumors. This has enhanced hopes about the
possibility of limonene in lemon rinds helping in the treatment of breast cancer
in humans. The terpenes in lemons can stimulate enzymes that render estrogen
less effective, and it is thought that in this way, it can perhaps reduce the
risk for breast cancer in humans.

Limonene also functions by inhibiting the effects of free radicals which may
sometimes lead to cancer. Because limonene works as an antioxidant, the free
radicals are destroyed.
To get the most out of your lemon, don't throw the peel away. Just wash the rind
very well, then zest it (don't include the bitter white pith). Add this to baked
foods, hot tea, yogurt and soups and you can take advantage of the full health
and cancer prevention benefits of limonene.

2. Lemons bring out anticancer ingredients in green tea. We refer in particular
to the catechins of green tea. Catechins are unique antioxidants that help to
reduce the risk of cancer by inhibiting cancer cell activity and strengthening
one's immunity. Unfortunately, after digestion only 20 percent of total
catechins from green tea remain in the body. This is because catechins are
volatile and are unstable in non-acidic settings such as the intestines.
However a Purdue University study showed that citrus juice (like lemon juice)
can increase catechin levels in our bodies to more than five times, and lemon
juice had the best results of all citrus fruit causing up to 80 percent of the
green tea's catechins to remain.

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