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Monday, January 10, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Guidelines for Posting


Good Morning!

Guidelines for Posting

I would like to personally thank all the new members for finding our
community. Welcome.

To all our not so new members, I continue to appreciate your support,
encouragement and joy you continue to give and receive in this

The guidelines for posting are very simple:

I encourage:

-love, respect and the tolerance of an opinion different than your

-Before posting...it is very likely that your questions has been
discussed in great detail within the 8 years I have formed this
community. Please consider a search of your issue (subject) by
looking through our archives. Simply go to our


in the search box, type in what you seek. You will find an amazing
amount of answers!

-please, when posting, in the subject line, be specific as to what
you are posting about. If it is eczema, write eczema in the "subject

- expression of feelings, knowledgeable information and heartfelt

-help for others, help for yourself or a friend and information
specific to alternative, complementary and integrative medicine.

-please post your links to favorite sites, seminars, group meetings,
conventions, meditation or any other type of community activity that
can enhance the mind, body, spirit of our community members in the
appropriate place (see below).

I will not encourage:

-blatant marketing of any product, course tierred marketing schemes,
scams or abuse (you know who you are!)

-a nasty, rude or attack on someone's question, answer or opinion.
There is a way to express your feelings without using such emotions.
Find diplomacy when an opinion is different than yours.

-when posting to the group, please try to refrain from
using, "Hi" "New" or something NOT pertaining to your subject matter
in the subject line. State your subject. It is much more helpful when
someone wants to comment on your subject or when reading many

-when answering a post, it is best NOT to copy the entire post in the
body of your message, so that others know what you are answering to.
Simply copy and paste the first part of the post or the specific
question. Otherwise it makes the post extremely long when you are
trying to read the new post.

-when you are posting an article from your BLOG, post the entire
article to the community. Your post WILL BE DELETED if you just
include a link to your blog and nothing else. The goal is to keep the
reader in our community.

-There will be no post allowed that send people to your BLOG, UNLESS,
you include the entire article on this site. At the end of your
article, you may post your blog address. I will not allow a one
paragraph phrase and then a link to your blog for further reading.
The whole point of this community is to have people get their
information from THIS community NOT your blog.

Our community is designed to market your ALTERNATIVE HEALTH items,
products, web groups and web pages. I encourage you to do this (just
not in the posting section of the community). Consider these options:

List your favorite web sites, community groups and products here,


List group recipes, find and list your practice on the List of
Alternative Doctors and Practitioners and find Wellness & Health For
People & Pets in our DATABASE section:


Take one of our many polls or create your own here:


Add your group or community activity here:


Promote your community, by adding a button or link to your website:


Invite your friends or colleagues to join Alternative Answers:


I welcome and appreciate the power you have given your community,

In Happiness,

Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac.
Therapies for healing
mind, body, spirit

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