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Monday, January 10, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Anxiety is causing the Acid reflux


The Anxiety is causing the Acid reflux. People with Anxiety transfer much of their nervous tension to their body: clenching hands, bouncing knee, clenching & grinding teeth, tensing neck & shoulder muscles, & tightening the abdominal muscles putting upward pressure on  the stomach. This results in Acid relux & in more serious cases, Hiatal hernia.

Usually little children just run around in circles acting hyper.
Get her off caffeine & all sugars incl fructose & corn syrup.
50mg of B6 with 250 to 500mg of C,  4 times/day or as needed for nervousness.
Watch for the runs if Vit C is too much. No big concern.
Limit bread.
Avoid all antibiotics unless she is very, very seriously ill.
Ear & other minor infections are better treated naturally: garlic & olive oil, etc.
Do nothing to weaken her immune system.
Carefully research all vaccines & shots beforehand. (Read Age of Autism & NaturalNews)
Check her for symptoms of Pyroluria like fine lines on the fingernails.
I believe Pyroluria is not genetic, but a common multi-resistant infection, originating with poor diet. It may be fungal.
If she does have strong Pyroluria, it would be almost impossible to Overdose on B6. It leaks out fast. Must add Zinc to prevent growth & crowded teeth problems & bone loss in adulthood.
Do research, & more research.
Mike Kohloff

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