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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Re: [AlternativeAnswers] The Five Fundmental Rules To Correct All Mental Illness (8/30/2011)


My late husband's sister was a basket case. She really could not
function. She had been to several doctors. Eventually, I got my
husband to get her and bring her to stay with us.
Her doctor told us that she needed exercise. That did not help.
I took her to a psychiatrist along with a list of her problems. He
immediately knew what was wrong.
He told us that some people when they are under stress cannot absorb
the natural lithium in food. He said that lithium is a mineral, not
a drug. He did tests to prescribe the correct amount.
It was like a miracle. She became normal again.

On 8/30/2011 11:47 PM, nutrientscure wrote:
> ***Note: This blog is a significantly upgraded version of a blog that
> I wrote on the same topic on October 25, 2010. Allen***
> Dear Reader:
> There are Five Fundamental Rules To Chemically Correct All Mental
> Illnesses. This includes illnesses with names such as depression,
> bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.
> The Five Fundamental Rules To Chemically Correct Mental Illness
> applies to more than those three illnesses mentioned above. They apply
> to almost every single diagnosis in psychiatric medicine, if not every
> single one.
> In regard to depression, these five fundamental rules apply even if a
> particular case of depression seems to have a psychological stress
> trigger (or triggers) as its primary causative factor(s). Priscilla
> Slagle, M.D. first taught me this in her book "The Way Up From Down".
> My experiences over the past thirteen years have repeatedly validated
> what Dr. Slagle taught me in this regard.
> The chemical correction of mental illness SHOULD ALWAYS INVOLVE
> correction in regard to the following FIVE chemical issues:
> (1) Identify And Correct Any And All Commonly Known Malabsorptive Causes.

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