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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] The Five Fundmental Rules To Correct All Mental Illness (8/30/2011)


***Note: This blog is a significantly upgraded version of a blog that I wrote on the same topic on October 25, 2010. Allen***

Dear Reader:

There are Five Fundamental Rules To Chemically Correct All Mental Illnesses. This includes illnesses with names such as depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

The Five Fundamental Rules To Chemically Correct Mental Illness applies to more than those three illnesses mentioned above. They apply to almost every single diagnosis in psychiatric medicine, if not every single one.

In regard to depression, these five fundamental rules apply even if a particular case of depression seems to have a psychological stress trigger (or triggers) as its primary causative factor(s). Priscilla Slagle, M.D. first taught me this in her book "The Way Up From Down". My experiences over the past thirteen years have repeatedly validated what Dr. Slagle taught me in this regard.

The chemical correction of mental illness SHOULD ALWAYS INVOLVE correction in regard to the following FIVE chemical issues:

(1) Identify And Correct Any And All Commonly Known Malabsorptive Causes.

Malabsorption causes broad essential nutrient deficiencies.

There are a number of common causes of malabsorption.

All of the common causes of malabsorption are both Identifiable and Correctable in any person that may have them.

Broad essential nutrient deficiency and mental illness are synonymous.

Malabsorption and mental illness are synonymous as well.

(2) Correct One's Functional Nutrient Status.

At least at one point during the day one should take the entire nutrient range all at once.

A pioneer nutritionist named Adelle Davis postulated that this was the correct healing approach over forty years ago.

Over the past four years Willy's Baggie idea has solidly proved in an anecdotal manner that Adelle Davis was right.

(3) Minimize One's Toxic Load.

This rule especially applies to GI tract ("gut") generated toxins. It also applies to one's preexisting toxic load, and to environmental toxins as well.

A strong argument can be made that antibiotics cause a high degree of toxicity in hundreds of millions of persons. Antibiotics do this by killing off good bacteria in the gut.

When someone's good gut bacteria dies off as a result of taking antibiotics, a whole host of bad biology can (and almost always does) proliferate in the gut. This bad gut biology can produce a high toxic load day after day for decades until one's gut biology is corrected.

(4) Minimize One's Allergic Load.

This rule especially applies to food allergens, and hidden food allergens. It also applies to environmental allergens as well.

It is going to be interesting in the years to come how much GMO crops contribute to hidden food allergies.

It is almost as this stuff is being planned behind the scenes by people that think they can use sneaky means such as GMO foods, processed foods, antibiotics, vaccines, etc. to make an entire populace sick, and then enrich themselves from this.

(5) Minimize One's Bad Biological Load.

Bad biology in the body includes bad bacteria, yeasts, molds, fungi, parasites, and/or viruses.

The worst way to address point number five on yourself is to see a conventional drug-oriented doctor. Self-applied alternative medicine is the best way to perform this step.

You Can Cure Yourself

All of the five fundamental issues listed above can be learned about, and then corrected, at home without needing the services of any doctor whatsoever.

Yes, you can cure yourself!

Some persons assume that the above five fundamental rules to correct mental illness are either too difficult or too complex for a person in their teen years to "self-correct". All I have to say to these persons is that my teenage son Willy proved that these two assumptions are incorrect.

The Five Fundamental Rules To Chemically Correct All Mental Illnesses are now known.

For all ostensible purposes, there are no exceptions to the Five Fundamental Rules To Chemically Correct Mental Illness.

The five fundamental rules of chemical correction outlined above cure mental illness from a chemical standpoint, no matter what the diagnostic label involved.

The only significant "catch" to the Five Fundamental Rules are that they need to be applied by You to Yourself.

Any chemical approach to a case of depression, or a case of mental illness, that does not address ALL OF THE ABOVE five chemical issues is hereby obsolete.

Any chemical approach to depression, or to a case of mental illness, that is proper and correct involves NO DRUG WHATSOEVER.

The Use Of Drugs To Correct Mental Illness Is Obsolete.

Drugs should only be considered temporary chemical band-aids at best. Chronic long term drug use to correct the flawed nutrient/toxic/allergic/biological issues inherent in all mental illnesses is clearly the wrong approach.

Some Simple Logic Against Drugs

The five fundamental chemical issues that cause mental illness are (1) broad essential nutrient deficiency, (2) excessive toxic load, (3) excessive allergic load, (4) multiple bad biology issues, and (5) a serious degree of malabsorption.

No drug or combination of drugs can cure (1) broad essential nutrient deficiency, (2) excessive toxic load, (3) excessive allergic load, (4) multiple bad biology issues, and (5) a serious degree of malabsorption.

Therefore no drug or combination of drugs can cure mental illness.

Only You! can cure broad essential nutrient deficiency, excessive toxic load, excessive allergic load, bad biology issues, and malabsorption in yourself.

Therefore only You! can truly cure yourself of mental illness (once you learn what you need to do so).


The use of any drug (or combination of drugs) whatsoever to cure mental illness is nuts!

Drug-oriented medicine's methodology to cure ANY illness will inevitably be found out for what it truly is… it is the biggest hoax in history.

It is not just drugs for mental illness that are a lie. ALL toxic man made drugs are a lie as far as healing goes. Cholesterol drugs are a lie, high blood pressure drugs are a lie, sleep drugs are a lie, acid reflux drugs are a lie, arthritis drugs are a lie, antibiotics are a lie, etc., etc. (This list goes on and on.)

Big Pharma, via bribery of Federal and State lawmakers, is enforcing fraudulent healing methodology on a brainwashed (via TV ads, TV shows, print media ads, etc.) and/or unaware public.

In doing so, Big Pharma has stripped the health and wealth of America, to the point that the United States is on the verge of economic collapse.

Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda did not bring America down. History will inevitably state that "Big Pharma, other corrupt corporate entities, and our corrupt politicians did".

Allen Darman


Important Note #1: This material is not copyright protected in ANY way. Anyone and everyone may freely send this material to anyone they wish. In addition to this, anyone and everyone may put this material on their own website if they wish.

Important Note #2: I encourage everyone that believes what the above blog is saying to forward it in its entirety to their elected representatives at the Federal level. Feel free to include a few personal statements of your own. Our Congresspersons and Senators need to become aware of information such as this. We the public need to know where our politicians stand in regard to the above (or similar) information, such that we can elect them in or out depending. Our politicians need to be held accountable EVERY November in regard to whether they are for Big Pharma, or for the people's health. Hundreds of thousands of persons need to boldly state to Congresspersons and Senators "If you vote anti-supplement or pro Big Pharma in ANY way, I am voting AGAINST YOU in the next election… period", or perhaps nothing will ever change.

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