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Sunday, August 14, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Dr Bate's weekly newsletter digest and editorial - 8-14-2011 - Autism Normalizaing

*Normalization of Autism and other Mental Problems*

For many mental "Problems", there is no real "cure", but even adult cases of
autism can be "normalized" much better than most know. Few MD's even know
much about autism, simply because they are not trained about nutrition in
med school. Med schools that give courses in autism are still not common
even for pediatricians, so, in all too many cases, these "experts" simply

Very few have any training in toxic minerals, and since mercury pollution is
a major cause of autism, this lack of knowledge is a handicap to any
"doctor" who tries to work with an autism patient. Now, add in the fact
that a huge percentage of a pediatrician's income comes from giving vaccines
(at least some with mercury in them still in spite of Big Pharma lies to the

Here's an important fact that many "experts" in autism do not know. There
are two "natural" chemicals that can take out toxins, particularly mineral
toxins from the blood. These are ascorbic acid vitamin C and glutathione.
All the other animals except we primates manufacture vitamin C out of
glucose "as needed" for infections, etc. We humans and other primates lost
that ability 65 million years ago. Maybe we traded it for brains.

Autistic persons have very little glutathione (a molecule with three amino
acids), and also little or no vitamin C intake. As a result, it is
impossible to measure how much toxic minerals are in that body. You see,
the liver cannot release these toxins back into the bloodstream UNTIL AND
UNLESS some chemical that can take out these toxins is present in the
bloodstream. Make sense?

What does this mean? Simply, any mineral analysis done on an autistic child
will not be able to show mercury or any other minerals with any accuracy and
a lot of false negatives will be the result. (A false negative means that
the analysis shows little or no toxic material in the body, where in
reality, the liver may be loaded with many such.

There's another fact that few MD's seem to know. If the vitamin C is in a
neutral (non-acidic form - calcium or sodium ascorbate), it cannot take out
minerals – only the ascorbic acid type can do this. (If the vitamin C has
my last name, it's no good for getting out minerals.)

OK, how can these toxins be measured with any degree of accuracy? Start to
load either vitamin C or glutathione (or both if you can afford it) into the
person to be tested several days before testing if either blood or urine
testing is used. If hair analysis is used, start at least a month prior to

Another indirect method is to test the mother. Again, preload with ascorbic
acid vitamin C, or the result may be a false negative. If the mother is
high, so are her children.

All the above is important, because if this high toxic level continues in
the person, it not only continues to damage the brain, and causes much
stress, but prevents new brain cells from growing. So, this is the first
"critical' step in "normalization".

The next step is to lower other stress, particularly allergy stress. Both
Neurofeedback (NFB) and Neuroliminal Training (NT) have proven that
raising the SMR brain wave changes allergies, and dramatically lowers this
stress over a few months or more. In many cases, it seems the particular
allergies have actually been lost, cured, or solved. Whatever, the level of
allergy stress has been lowered dramatically, and when you lower that
particular stress, most mental problems and symptoms lessen or even
disappear. This has been the" "secret of success" that NFB has been for
over 50 years with almost every mental problem known to man. (see

The only real difference between NFB and NT is the cost. NFB costs many
thousands of dollars for even ADD/ADHD, and much more for autism. NT costs
only $147 total, and can (and should be) be used for years. Autism does not
have to be a family bankruptcy disease.

Besides cost, there are a few other advantages of NT over NFB especially for

It's done at home while sleeping mostly.
It's done without sensors attached. (Try getting sensors on a child with
There is no "concentration" or "attention" needed as in NFB.

Both of the above MUST be done to begin "normalization". If not done, there
is very limited improvement in behavior or brain cell regeneration. Once
these are started, then, nutritional improvement and getting the digestive
system working correctly are relatively simple to "normalize", and in
general, the results are dramatic.

Without the two most important steps above, few autistic children ever
become even reasonably normal and most have high IQ's as well..

These two steps also apply "generally" to both schizophrenia and depression,
as well as many other mental and even physical "diseases". Unfortunately,
too few MD's are even aware of the above, simply because they couldn't get
it in med school. Abram Hoffer put it best when he stated "Almost all MD's
are "educationally handicapped".

For more info on this, please go to
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The digest was larger this week as last week was missed by my vacation. I
hope that something in this helps you and yours.

If you haven't yet investigated the redesigned web page (http://drbate.com),
take a good look. One woman told me that she took 4 hours studying it, and
still hadn't gotten to everything. There's a lot of free info on alternate
health (drug less) for a lot of medical problems. Get away from drugs and
be healthier.

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