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Friday, August 19, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] any remedies for arm itching / brachioradial pruritus ???


This is driving me crrrrrazy, again! Top side of arms itching
intensely from the inside out.

Yet another thing that lots of people were told was "just in their
head". *I* never asked a doctor about it, but there's a good chance I
would've been told the same thing. Found lots of unfortunate folks
online suffering from this, few of whom seemed to find anything to
help -- other than ice. That doesn't always help me.

The only thing I've found to work is almost even more maddening than
days and days of intense itching and scratching my arms raw: just not
letting myself touch my arms with anything. And I can't always do it,
like right now in the middle of the night... Not-scratching causes
all kinds of other sensations -- nausea, trembling, whole body
jerking around, anxiety, etc., but if I can barrel through that for a
little while, the itch goes away, sometimes for long periods. I can
go several years between episodes, but it always comes back.

I've tried sublingual B-vitamin complex and benfotiamine; can't
really tell if those are helping at all.

Any other ideas?


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