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Saturday, August 27, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Dr Bate's weekly newsletter digest and editorial - 8-27-2011 - Solving Schizophrenia

*Simple Schizophrenia Therapy

What is schizophrenia? I think that the comic definition I heard from Lily
Tomlin covers it well. If you talk to God, that's praying. If He talks
back, that's schizophrenia. Actually, schizophrenia is not only hearing
voices (often religious), but various sensual hallucinations. These can be
hearing, seeing, feeling, etc. As the old saying goes. "Different strokes
for different folks!"

Why it is often religious isn't known, and one theory held by followers of
Edgar Cayce is that it is often a spirit "takeover" in effect. That
foundation still sells an electrical static field that claims to remove the
bad spirits.

The major cause of schizophrenia (and all mental problems) is stress.
Stress is additive and builds up from the original "birth trauma" stress.
There are three major stresses that are important in solving schizophrenia.
These are nutritional stress, allergy stress, and mineral toxicity

Of course there is no one simple cure for schizophrenia, and the Big Pharma
drugs developed for it are not only dangerous, but ineffective as far as a
"cure" is concerned. However, Neuroliminal Training (NT) can provide at
least one part of the solution by lowering allergy stress. That's been
proven over and over.

There is about a 40-50% chance that NT will solve the schizophrenia
problems. Along with a hair analysis to determine mineral toxicity, and the
megavitamin formula explained below, there is a better than 80% chance of
solving schizophrenia. If a person is really smart, start taking up to 4
grams of ascorbic acid vitamin C a day, and over a year's time, your toxic
minerals will disappear almost completely, and lower your stress
accordingly. I did and it worked.

The original work on megavitamins for curing schizophrenia was done by Drs
Abram Hoffer and Humphrey Osmond in 1965. They reasoned that since pellagra,
a niacin deficiency disease, caused schizophrenia, perhaps the lack of
niacin was a major factor. They proved that this was true, and "cured"
hundreds of schizophrenic persons with the famous megavitamin formula.

*Megavitamin Formula.* This is a combination of 333 mg of vitamin C, 333mg
of niacin (or niacinamide), 66 mg of B6, and 66 IU of vitamin E in each
capsule. The patient is given three capsules three times a day.
Unfortunately, this formula is no longr sold as above, so the individual
parts of the formula need to be bought and combined, depending on how the
niacin reacts on the individual.

Dr Carl Pfeiffer of the the Brain Bio Center at Princeton found that toxic
levels of copper also could cause schizophrenia. This was the second leg of
successful schizophrenia therapy. Carl was my mentor in the 80's, and a
good friend. There is a family genetic factor that causes the uptake of
copper way above normal. This is known as Wilson Syndrome. In addition
there is now growing evidence that mercury (and other minerals) stress can
be a factor in schizophrenia.

The third and perhaps last leg was Dr Marshall Mandell, a famous allergist,
who coined the phrase "brain allergy". He discovered that certain allergies
or sensitivities actually could cause schizophrenia and depression.

Linus Pauling, our only two time Nobel Prize winner coined the phrase
"orthomolecular", meaning to correct (ortho) at the molecular level.

In my book "The Health Revolution", I have several case histories
successfully dealt with using the orthomolecular therapies. In the book,
there is considerable detail regarding each case, how it was treated, what
progress was made along the way, and details of each step. This book is free
if you join my newsletter group,

My success with virtually every schizophrenic patient was simple. On the
initial visit, I started them on the megavitamin formula, and took a hair
analysis. This covered two of the three bases on the first visit.

The following week, I had gotten the hair analysis back either confirming
copper or other mineral toxicity, or ruling it out as a cause. The patients
reaction to the megavitamin formula was apparent, and in many cases, good.
However, we had not ruled out allergy/sensitivity as a factor. At this
point, we started allergy testing if the symptoms indicated it. Much more
detail in the book on this. This allergy testing was expensive, and time
consuming, but not all patients required it, although some were definitely
allergic as a "primary" cause.

After the first few years while still studying this fascinating subject, I
found that I had cut my practice considerably. Normally, a psychologist has
some 30-40 patients a week for a year or so, perhaps 80-100 patients per
year. Using these new techniques, I needed over 500 cases a year to make the
same income as I had made previously as a behaviorist. I rarely had to spend
over 6 hours in therapy now. While orthomolecular therapy works, and works
extremely well and fast, it's no way to get rich!

In over 20 schizophrenic cases, all the patients were "cured", and all but
one taken off the psychotropic drugs which cause horrible side-effects. (The
one exception was a college student who couldn't afford the allergy search,
and who was so allergic that she actually got more schizophrenic on the
generic type of drug she had been taking for years. We traced it to the ink
on the capsule of the generic drug that was different to the one on the
original. This case is detailed in the book.)

Speaking of those drugs, The Nassau County Health Clinic proved that when a
schizophrenic patient takes the megavitamin formula WITH psychotropic drugs,
the side effects are eliminated. The most severe is tardive dyskinesia,
which causes shakiness and tremors of all types. This will affect 80% or
more of all taking these drugs within several years. The megavitamin formula
prevents this. Unfortunately this word is still not out to many
psychiatrists, and they are still causing this problem.

Today, with many years of experience with EEG biofeedback (AKA
neurofeedback), I'd start using the Neuroliminal Training (NT) along with
the megavitamin formula, and do a hair analysis for copper and other toxic
minerals. In a recent case in India, a schizophrenic man made such good
progress that he was able to avoid the "usual" schizophrenic "treatment in
that village. This consists of the village elders standing in a circle
around the patient and beating the "evil spirits" out of him with long
sticks. (Maybe Edgar Cayce wasn't so far wrong. I think that the
schizophrenia came first, then the "evil spirits found it easy to invade.)

So, now you know the three major causes of schizophrenia.

The first step is to purchase both the "Special" NT CD NT package and a hair
analysis. If you don't understand this, go back and re-read the above.

Then, CLICK HERE and download the article on Integrated 4 Part Therapy for
Autism and Other Mental Problems. Read it and do it, and you can solve
schizophrenia in virtually all such cases.

The last step is finding the vitamins and minerals for the megavitamin
formula as explained above. Unfortunately, the complete original formula is
no longer sold, so you have to combine as close as possible here from your
local health food store.
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Scroll down to the"Special Orders" PayPal area. Enter the NT CD you want.
Then put in the price with a $50 discount. (The ADD-Autism NT CD and the
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This offer is good until Labor Day only. After that, all prices will be the
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That's the newsletter for this week. Please feel free to forward it to
friends or family that it might help. I hope it has helped
you or yours.

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