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Saturday, August 20, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Dr Bate's weekly newsletter digest and editorial - 8-20-2011 - Better Health


*Better Health For All*
A year or so ago, I wrote an article "Integrated 4 Part Therapy for
Autism". This article is simply a composite of knowledge I have gotten over
30 years of working with various mental and physical problems in
Orthomolecular Medicine. It is actually very similar to such a therapy used
in schizophrenia that was very successful in my practice some years back.
However, I realize that it would beneficial in some parts at least to every
one of my readers, even the most healthy can benefit from some parts of it.

The four parts are relatively simple to do at home with this article, and
they are:

1. Getting out toxic minerals.
2. Lowering stress, particularly allergy stress and post traumatic stress
3. Getting needed nutrition for above stress
4. Getting the Digestive (gut) working correctly

*Getting out toxic minerals*. This is most important because these can
actually kill brain cells and increase stress dramatically. In autism and
depression, mercury and aluminum are the worst. In schizophrenia copper is
a culprit, However, in most of the population today, the levels of toxic
metals is huge compared to 50 years ago.

In the article I recommend ascorbic acid vitamin C, but if the person has a
corn allergy (estimated about 20-30% of the population), then glutathione
may be needed, particularly for autism and depression. The price is high,
but coming down to around $30-50 per month (according to Mary Cavanaugh at <
mas4metals@aol.com), a distributor.

There are other forms of chelation materials including expensive EDTA et al
at MD's offices.

The important thing is to get toxic minerals as low as possible as all cause

*Lowering stress:* This can be done by using either Neurofeedback (NFB) or
my Neuroliminal Training (NT). Both change brain waves, which seems to
actually cure allergies if used long enough. Changing brain waves is slow,
and is very costly using NFB, but only one cost using NT. There are other
advantages besides affordable cost with NT as well.
1. All done at home (no clinic or "doctor time").
2. Try getting head sensors on an autistic kid (I have).
3. Simply turn on the CD player at bedtime, and off in the morning.
4. Neuroliminal incorporate different stress lowering therapies as well.
Not possible with NFB.

*Nutritional therapy:* This is needed because of the stress connected with
any of these problems (including most "normal" living) . Few get enough.

*Digestive (gut) therapy*: This is actually needed in at least 50-70% of
the population. It is critical to many in getting vitamins B12 and K as
well as needed amino acids and minerals into the body.

All these above are covered in detail in the article. Even those of you who
are fairly healthy will benefit from one or more of those therapies. Please
feel free to copy it and sent it to any friends or relatives who might
benefit from it.

http://drbate.com/content/integrated.shtml That's where it can be found.

The following is important to everyone on this list. IMO, this is another
attempt by Big Pharma through the "controlled" FDA and "bought" congress
members to limit our vitamins and other supplements under the guise of
"protecting" us. Please go to this one, and sign the petition to stop
this. Thank Molly Hauck of Int Psy for this one.
Protect Your Access to Natural Supplements


From Dr Mercola:

Genes Are NOT the Main Cause of Autism


They Say it's Safe - But it's Unknowingly Destroying Your Liver


The Missing Ingredient for Long Lasting Energy
and Focus for School (or Work)


Two Grams of this Household Spice Lowered Blood Sugar by a Whopping 62 mg/dl


The Shocking Truth About Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice


90 Year-Old Powerful Natural Cancer Therapy You've Probably Never Heard Of


From NaturalNews:
Farmers are speaking out against GMOs in a new mini-documentary


Watch out for these top five dangerous ingredients in deodorant products:


The FDA doesn't like having to abide by conflicts of interest rules for its
scientists (so they're just letting Big Pharma bribe away

http://www.naturalnews.com/033361_FDA_conflicts_of_interest.htm(This is
important if you still believe that the FDA is "protecting the public"
instead of Big Pharma).

Only organic or wildcrafted grapes contain the highest levels of


the US government approves of all sorts of things that are far more
dangerous than drinking raw milk. Here's a list of some of them:


The indictment of a prominent vaccine researcher who worked for the CDC
should cause us all to rethink the credibility of the entire vaccine


Why the FDA assault on raw milk has nothing to do with food safety


when the FDA discovers that a major drug manufacturer faked thousands of
documents in order to get a drug approved by the FDA, the agency does


Beware of Republican Rick Perry who has just announced his run for the
presidency. Big Pharma lackey pushing vaccines


From Newsweek Health:

Never Fear Cancer Again

From Alliance for Natural Health:

Senator Durbin's Credibility Problem

From Harmony:

Scientists Discover New Role for Vitamin C in the Eye and the Brain

From Orthomolecular Medicine News:

Wikipedia Bias: Now You Can Do Something About It


That's the weekly newsletter. I hope it will help you and yours to better
knowledge about health at a minimum.

If you haven't gone to the "new and revised" http://drbate.com website, you
should. There are over 100 free articles on non drug approaches to many
health problems. Take a look.

Phil Bate PhD - Inventor of NT Therapy
NT Solves ADD-Autism, Depression, and more

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