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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] The Light Within Workshop is going to Ireland Oct 2011


The Light Within Workshop Ireland
Oct 2011.

Registering Now!

The Galway Workshop
Dates: Oct 14-15-16 2011
Location: Pathfinders Holistic Centre, Tavanaghmore, Cummer, Tuam. Co.

The Dublin Workshop
Dates: Oct 18-19-20 2011
Location: The Spiritualist Union of Ireland Sanctuary, 3 block A
Kilcarbery Park, New Nangor Rd, Clondalkin. Dublin 22

Register BY Aug 31st and enjoy the Discounted Early Registration fee.

What is The Light Within Workshop?
The light Within workshop is a unique and powerful journey of healing
and personal transformation. It creates real and tangible paradigm
shifts by awakening and activating information held within the body's
anatomical structures. It teaches new ways of dealing with emotions, how
to let go of old limited patterns, how to expand what you perceive as
possible and introduces new ways of experiencing yourself, your body and
your life.

Why Attend The Light Within Workshop?
1.You will learn healthy and resourceful ways of dealing with emotions.

2.You will become acquainted with the body's language and information
system and learn how to access personal guidance from your body.

3. You will learn new ways of dealing with health conditions.

4.You will experience yourself in new ways, expanding what you know as

5.You will learn how to deal with change and crisis situations.

6.You will learn how to deal resourcefully with stressful and
emotionally charged situations

7.You will learn how to take charge of your life and create true

8.You will learn how to create resourceful life situations and

Instructor- Joan Jacobs
Holistic healer, educator, speaker, author and radio host. Joan has
twenty five years experience as clinical healer, teacher, program
developer, and instructor of experiential workshops. She teaches at the
Faculty of health Sciences, the Leon and Matilda Recanati School of
Community Health profession, The Ben Gurion University, Israel and has
held senior positions at leading schools of complementary medicine in
Israel. Author of "Messages From the Soul-A Holistic Approach to
Healing" and host of The Light Within- Awakening the Inner Healer Radio
Talk Show on VoiceAmerica.com Variety channel.

See what people are saying about The Light Within Workshop:

Program overview: http://www.jjacobshealth.com/186277/Program-Overvew-1

The Light Within Ireland:

The Light Within Official Website: www.jjacobshealth.com

Contact: Joan Jacobs jjacobshealth@gmail.com
Irish representative: Marian Fahy pathfindershc@gmail.com

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