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Friday, August 26, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Willys Original Baggie Ingredient List (12/2006; amended 8/26/2011)


Important Note #1: This material concerns the supplements in Willy's Original Baggie, which was the baggie Willy and I have both used the most (by far).

Important Note #2: The material below was amended on August 26, 2011. One of the ways it was amended was to include "better sources" for the ingredients listed. By better sources, I mean sources that carry supplements that are less expensive and of equal, if not even better, quality. I have found that Vitacost's NSI line of products very substantially reduced Willy's Baggie cost vs. buying similar products in a health food store, and even reduced cost from buying from some other online sources as well.

Important Note #3: Later I did develop a Willy's Baggie II, and then a Willy's Baggie III. However, I was never able to take these later versions for very long due to poverty, and Willy only took a few samples of each that I gave him. Much of the past seven years I have been unable to afford baggies of any type. This is primarily due to my lack of success in finding a person or person(s) that would regularly philanthropically support my discoveries and my work. (Willy's Baggie II and Baggie III were both the result of gratuitous donations, and when the money ran out, so did these baggies.)

Important Note #4: Willy's Baggie represents the FIRST TIME (to the best of my knowledge) that an adequately balanced dose of broad based free form amino acids, along with an adequate amount of "needed cofactors", was used by a 13 to 19 year old teenager in a self-administered fashion. Willy made history when he did this… he taught the entire world something in regard to recovery from ADHD, recovery from bipolar disorder, and recovery from sickly childhood health.


The following is a "bare list" without a great deal of explanation in regard to what supplements Willy and I are using and why. As soon as I can I will post in here all of the "if's, and's and but's" in regard to the following list. This explanation will go into the copper/zinc question, more detail on amino acid tailoring, why the nutrient combination of carnitine and phosphatidyl choline may be so important, other supplements we have either considered or tried, etc.

As rough as it is, what Willy and I are doing to supplement ourselves may represent [2011: it definitely does represent] a very important progression of alternative healing knowledge, if not a landmark event in this regard. My son's absolutely amazing mental and physical health recovery over the past 28 months is perhaps an indication that we have stumbled on to something important for all humanity.

It is no wonder to me that my personal computers at home have been getting repetitively hacked. Willy's supplement regime has to scare the drug companies to death. In my opinion, Willy's baggie, or a very close rendition thereof, will inevitably bring about a near total collapse of drug oriented medicine, especially when the baggie is coupled with broad gut healing, adequate dietary correction (to include food allergen avoidance), and thorough detoxification.

I sure hope the drug companies don't get stupid and go any further than repetitively hacking me in order to try to stop me from saying to the world what I wish to say. I sure don't want "to become a martyr for the cause". However, I will if I have to, as I will not be silent in regard to what I know or believe to be true in regard to healing…. drugs don't heal, but nutrients do. [Added on 8/26/2011: From January 2010 onward I have had multiple attempts on my life. It is a miracle I am still alive.]

Allen Darman

Willy's Baggie Ingredient List

Amino Acids:

1. Fifteen Pure Form 20 capsules, 500 mg. ea., source www.jomarlabs.com.

2. Five to Eight WAC capsules, 450 mg. ea., source www.jomarlabs.com. (WAC is excitatory. It is both safer and best to start with five capsules and work up to seven or eight slowly.)

3. One Taurine capsule, 620 mg. ea., source www.jomarlabs.com.

4. Three Glutathione formula blend capsules, source www.jomarlabs.com.

5. One Tryptophan capsule, 500 mg. ea., source www.jomarlabs.com OR www.vitacost.com.

6. One L-Carnitine or Acetyl-L-Carnitine capsule, 500 mg. to 1000 mg. ea., source www.jomarlabs.com or www.vitacost.com.

Carnitine is technically not an amino acid, but because I sometimes get it from Jomar (my primary amino acid source), I included it in the list above.

Note 1: Free form amino acids can affect people differently. Some people may not be able to take the above amino acid prescription without it "not feeling quite right for them". One can easily find this out by oneself at home, by taking free form amino acids and then "making adjustments accordingly". The general safety rule here is "dose up slowly" over a period of days, while monitoring yourself.

Note 2: I do NOT recommend taking free from amino acids as suggested above without also taking carnitine and phosphatidyl choline in order to cover acetylcholine, the key missing neurotransmitter that amino acids don't make. In my opinion, when one acts to broadly increase neurotransmitters by taking broad based amino acids, they should ALWAYS be adding carnitine and phosphatidyl choline to their supplement routine as well.)

Essential fatty acids and oils:

1. One Capsule of Coconut oil, source www.vitacost.com

Two capsules of coconut oil resulted in Willy and I waking up at night feeling "too warm"… so I went down to one capsule. I did not want to leave coconut oil out, as it is both thyroid and "gut" helpful.)

2. Two capsules EFA Gold Mega, Nature's Way brand, OR equivalent, source www.vitacost.com

3. One capsule of Omega-3 fish oil concentrate AND/OR krill oil, source www.vitacost.com

4. One capsule Evening Primrose oil, www.vitacost.com

5. One capsule Cod Liver Oil, Carlson brand, source www.vitacost.com

Some people, especially if they are older, may not be able to take too many oil capsules at once, due to a clogged liver/gall bladder. One can easily find this out, and "make adjustments accordingly" and/or do a liver cleanse.

Vitamins and Minerals:

1. Either one capsule of Zinc, 50 mg. ea., or two capsules of Zinc, 30 mg. ea., source www.vitacost.com. (Delete this ingredient if using the Equilib or Truehope supplement.)

2. Some Calcium Magnesium Citrate equal to about 33% RDA, www.vitacost.com. (Delete this ingredient if using the Equilib or Truehope supplement.)

3. Three tablets of Ultra Source of Life, Nature's Plus brand, source www.vitacost.com. (Delete this ingredient if using the Equilib or Truehope supplement.)

Note: Willy did use a bottle or two of the Equilib supplement over the past two and a half years. Equilib is very similar to the Truehope supplement. However, it seemed that a common "off the shelf" multivitamin with added cal, mag, zinc, B complex and vitamin C did just as well for us. I estimate that over seventy percent of Willy's supplementation regime since August 2004 involved using either the Source of Life or the Source of Life Ultra vitamin (primarily the latter). Despite my saying this, I am OF THE STRONG OPINION that every bipolar person should give either the Equilib or Truehope supplement a solid trial at one point or another in their recovery. One dose of such a supplement as Equilib or Truehope's EMPower+ can replace the Source of Life vitamin and cal, mag, zinc that Willy used in his baggie for most of his recovery; and one can take subsequent dosages later. (I would ALWAYS ADD a B complex vitamin and at least 3,000 mg. of Vitamin C to any dosage of the Eqiulib or Truehope supplement.) Don't be afraid to experiment with baggie formulations; just use a little common sense and/or educate yourself. [2011: After about four years of using the above, Willy did eventually switch to using the Equilib supplement, and it did help him when he did so. He currently uses the Equilib supplement today.]

4. One B complex 50 mg. or 100 mg. capsule, www.vitacost.com.

5. Three capsules of Vitamin C, 1000 mg. ea., www.vitacost.com (NSI 3000340).

Important note: Avoid corn or potatoes as the base source of the vitamin C being used, to avoid likely allergen exposure. This may apply to oranges as well.

6. Two or three (more often we used three) capsules of Phosphatidyl Choline, www.vitacost.com.

Digestive Enzymes:

1. Two Capsules of Elite-Zyme Pro, source www.throppsnutrition.com or an equivalent product from www.vitacost.com

Thropp's sells powerful digestive enzymes at a very affordable price.


1. Three tablets of Chlorella, 200 mg. ea., www.vitacost.com.

2. Two or three tablets of Spirulina, 500 mg. ea., www.vitacost.com.

3. Two or three capsules of Blue Green Algae, 500 mg. ea., www.vitacost.com.

Note: I consider the above supergreens a critical component of Willy's baggie. I have yet to work out whether adding more of these supergreens would give us even greater benefit without any adverse effect, or whether we are better just staying about where we are dosage-wise.


1. One capsule of Milk Thistle, www.vitacost.com.

2. Two capsules of Grape Seed Extract, 100 mg. ea., www.vitacost.com.

3. Quercitin (about 1000 mg. of Quercitin in total), www.vitacost.com.

Note: Brand and source substitutions can be made. I have found that Vitacost's NSI line of products very substantially reduced Willy's Baggie cost. The notable exception to this is the free form amino acid blends of Pureform 21 and WAC, which only www.jomarlabs.com carries.

Important note: In addition to the above, Willy uses probiotics daily, the best we can find from our local health food store. He has learned to "dose up for adequate effect". For some time Willy has been able to make his own decisions regarding quality between one probiotic and another.

Allen Darman


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