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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome



Sorry to hear of the pain and suffering you are experiencing. I have been a holistic educator for 30 years and usually am busy on other health related forums.

I understand your symptoms are due to an injury but they can be much more intense with an acid pH. If you do not know your urine pH go to the health food store and pick up some pH testing strips.

If you are acidic, this will intensify your situation. Example... Gout is an acidic condition, most inflammatory diseases, arthritis etc. are based on too much body acid.

Your pH will fluctuate from6.4- 6.8 through out the day, depending on what you eat and how much filtered water you drink, well... also how much stress you are under. Of course being in pain can cause a lot of stress.

I just scanned a few messages here on the Alternative Answers Forum so I don't know your background, if you are a holistic practicioner, take supplelments, try to make healthy food choices every day etc.

If your pH is acidic, you can begin to alkalize with more green veggies, green drinks with spirulina, chlorella, etc. Extra magnesium is great for pain, stress and nerve repair. You can actually find a topical spray magnesium that works amazing for your situation.

The spirulina, chlorella, etc, are perfect alkalizers and feed the cells of the body unlike anything else, also high in b vits which help with nerve repair.
Also consider doing some silica. This will aid tissue repair, for tendons, muscles, etc.

Arnica Montana is a well known homeopathic that is known to help with pain, you can find it in creme to rub on the areas or also 30x or 200x t take internally.

Use a natural soap if you are not already, have a mix of coconut oil, vit e and aloe to soothe your inflammed skin. It will also help remove any scars.

Omega 3 is high in essential fatty acids, essential is the key, so if you do not take any, get a good brand and do at least 4,000 mg a day.
These things promote healing instead of masking the pain.
Have any of your MD's mentioned Light Therapy or Cold Lazer Therapy?

This is a great place to start, go slow, see and feel the improvements and then we can know the next step.

Keeping you in my prayers for continued healing,

PS. If you do not do positive affirmations, do a search for Louise Hay, You Can Heal your Body and work with those. You will be amazed at how fast your body will respond. Invision your tissues and injured areas filled with healing light always.

--- In AlternativeAnswers@yahoogroups.com, "matt" <riddlewkr2@...> wrote:
> I've developed CRPS, an extremely painful nerve malfunction which causes swollen joints, skin hypersensitivity, and burning searing pain that is not controlled by pain killers. There is no cure and very few treatments for it.
> Does anybody know of any alternative treatments for this syndrome? I have had 3 Ganglian nerve blocks, and am on 2400 mg a day of Neurontin, which is a nerve pain reliever, and up to 10,000 mg a day of hydrocodone, with little relief.
> This started with my arm being crushed in the mixing part of an industrial meat grinder. My arm was trapped for about 15 mins. Since then I have seen 8 separate MD's and specialists, done multiple types of therapy including Desensitization. even on good days it is difficult for me to where clothes because I feel like I have sunburn all the time, on bad days clothes feel like barbed wire wrapped around me. I have constant searing pain in my joints, stiffness, pain and cramping in my fingers. I also get shooting pains through my joints like someone stuck a hot knife through them during activity and rest.
> My hands and feet are always like ice and my hands are usually sweaty. Finger tips, toes on my left foot,top left thigh, right bicep and a strip from right elbow to wrist are all numb.
> I've been dealing with this since 1/6/10 and even though they have gradually increased the nerve and narcotic pain relievers the only thing that even gives added pain relief is Marijuana, but I do not live in a state that has medical Marijuana.
> I've heard that Katamine flushes help. Anyone have any experience with that? Any input will be helpful
> Matthew

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