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Saturday, February 26, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: Pure Essential Oils


very interesting and informative, Thanks for posting this, I have some essential oils I use and this info is useful to me.
--- In AlternativeAnswers@yahoogroups.com, "Epps" <theepps_oxox@...> wrote:
> Essential oils were the first medicine known to man, and they worked!!
> During the Middle Ages in Europe, a pound of Ginger was worth the price of a sheep, a pound of mace would buy three sheep, Cloves were equal to 20 dollars. During the 11th Century many towns kept their accounts in pepper(Taxes and rent) A sack of pepper was worth a mans life!
> During the Great Plague in Europe (1413) a small band of of spice trades-turned-theives were captured in France and charged with robbing the dead and dying victims of the bubonic plague(Black Death). Though very contagious, not 1 of the spice trades ever contracted the disease! The King of France demanded to know how they had avoided the plage, the spice traders and their families had used a concoction including clove, rosemary and cinnamon on their ears, hands and temples, this formula is now part of the Royal English Archives, and is also part of the blend found in spice for life!Spice for life was extensively tested at Georgetown University medical center for its effect in boosting immunity & respitory health. It was shown to kill germs(bacteria, molds yeast and fungi. It reduced the flu virus 99.968% in 20 minutes! It is completely ingestable and is made from pure spice oils. Recommended for best results: take 4 drops with every meal( our food has many pollutants and bacteria!) Chronic conditions: 6 drops with every meal till symptoms are gone for 2 days.
> Spice for Life was also able to eradicate avian flu virus as well!
> Peppermint good for bruises, erectile disfunction,good for skin condtions( blackheads, acne,ringworm eczema) Digestion(Gingivitus, colic, cramps, indigestion, flatulence, nausea).Heart (Increases white blood cells, activates lymph flow and drainage, palpitation, HYPOtension, fainting) Immune (Cholera, yellow fever, colds flu fevers) Emotional(inspiration and insight) Brain ( headache, mental exahaustion, nervous stress. Reproductive ( menstrual cramps, morning sickiness,) Respitory( dry cough, pnemonia, sinusitis, halitosis)
> Eucalyptus radiata is the only 1 of the 500 different species of eucalyptus that koalas will eat! It is the only plant that Be Young extracts its oils from!.It is good for acne, but avoid use on sensitive areas.
> Respitory( sinus, asthma, bronchitis, coughs, sore throats and mouth infections) Muscular( arthritis, muscular aches and pains, sprains, inflammation) brain/Mind (headache, nervous exahaustion). Known to help stimulate cell regeneration and promote the formation of tissue.
> We have ten body systems, if there is a problem in one, there must also be a problem with the connected system. For example, for those with bad circulation, there is a problem with the the Circulatory, muscular and endocrine systems. The oils best for these systems are Muscular: rosemary Endocrine:Mars, venus, chamomile, fennel Circulatory: Cypress, bay laurel, eucaliptus, peppermint.Using Helichrysum and Cyress (dont apply directly to blood CLOTS) for thirity days on varicose veins will cause them to disappear!
> Use Helichrysum and BrainGem for addictions.
> Lavender is 1 of the most versatile oils available. its EXCELLENT for burns, abdominal cramps, scar tissue, shock, acne, absecces, flu,hypertension, bee sting, inflammation,insomnia, migraines nausea, just to name a few!
> The Immune pack: Spice for life kills viruses colds and bacteria, and eucalyptus helps to decongest, and fights infection. For helping with circulation problems: See Bullet point 8. To help stop smoking, Helichrysum and BrainGem. The Diffuser that they used at the boot camp is on my wish list for sure, it has a timer you can set and it puts out VERY VERY well, it would be good as an air freshener and to get the aromatic benefits of the oils. The bath salts are heavenly! OHH I almost forgot the Masaji! It consists of 6 of the most powerful antioxidant berries known to man, sea plankton, which is the source for 90% of our oxygen, remember that the lack of oxygen is the feeding ground for disease, WE NEED OXYGEN! The Berries are Maqui, Acai,Bilberry,Black Choke, mangosteen, and goji. You might find while taking this that you no longer need your vitamins, as it is a natural source for all the vitamins we need, and beware of high energy levels! There are to many benefits of these berries to list but I will list a few:FDA reports revisal of Crohns, reversing of type 2 diabetes, cleansing of the blood.Supports health agingMaqui berry has the highest ORAC value rating making it the highest antioxidant food in the world today, its EXCELLENT for weight reduction, increases natural energy levels, and supports a healthy life.Acai fights heart disease, diabetes, cancer, is a high source of fiber lowering glucose levels, has omega fatty acids, and result s of a University of Flordia study say it prevents lukemia!Increases energy, stamina and sex drive.Boosts immune, and digestive systems, and reduces effects of aging.Improves vision, will kill a fever.
> This is Just the begining!
> I am so excite to have found this company, as their are only a hand full with its levels of care, expertise, and honesty!
> If you are interested, send me a message,email, or you can go towww.beyoungeo.com/6255 and check out the products!
> BTW: If you sign up to be a distributer, you get the wholesale price! Plus the opportunity to earn extra cash!

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