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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Non Compliant With Your Health


Good Morning!

Non Compliant With Your Health

Non compliance is one of the biggest issues health care practitioners face today. It even happens among ourselves. Practitioner or not, we all have some degree of this. There is a resistance to not taking better care of ourselves! I hear these excuses in my practice daily:

"I want to get better/exercise/eat right... I just don't have the time/money/energy".
"I can't remember to take my herbs or supplements!"
"I just can't afford the treatments".

Translates to: I don't love myself enough. I am not worthy. I don't deserve to feel better. I choose to neglect myself. I don't really want to get better. How will I get sympathy and attention if I am not sick?

Resistance to change, being unaware, making assumptions or preconceived ideas, fear, as well as our own belief systems are the most notable culprits when it comes to non compliance.

1. Try the 3 M's: Get motivated, get moving, get out the mirror!

2. Motivating ourselves is the fire, which jump starts our actions. Find a good reason to be motivated...good health, better career, a new relationship....whatever your reason, make your choice and stick to it! Then use tools to get you motivated. Try inspiring music, the power of scent (lemon, orange, floral scents) or a more mind centering process like yoga, meditation or hypnosis.

3. Moving is the action to your motivation! There is a mountain of proof that movement is the best thing for mind, body and spirit. Moving helps with depression, increases our cardiovascular system, moves energy (Qi) and blood, stimulates the brain, increases hormone production and takes us from one place to the next. Use movement as a tool.

4. A mirror is a reflection of ourselves. How many times have we seen ourselves in others, both the good and the bad. A mirror is also a great tool. A mirror will tell you the truth. Look into one. What do you see? Since it can reflect back our true self, take advantage of its power and speak your positive affirmations into it. An affirmation is a word, phrase or statement asserting the existence or the truth of something. It is the act of affirming, asserting or stating something. Speaking your affirmation into the mirror is the best way to make your words a reality.

5. Be More Aware: Learn what your resistance is about. Why are you not "taking your herbs", "listening to other's opinions instead of your practitioner's advise" or not "finding time to do your exercises"? Look inside yourself (try the mirror by speaking the truth into it). What do you see. Is it a deep seated belief holding you back? Is it the lack of self love, self respect, self discipline? Whatever the reason....acknowledge it. Do not judge it. See it for what it is....an obstacle in the way of change. A blockage that is not allowing you to transform. What is the reason behind this belief?

6. Make Room for Change: Make it a nourishing, self respecting place for change to take place in your mind. In the same way, create a life affirming, positive path to reach your goal. Make no excuses. Procrastination is the bi-product of feeling unworthy. Self worth leads us in the right direction.

7. A lack of awareness + not being grounded + being unfamiliar = FEAR. Become familiar with what your goal is. Once you are familiar with the reasons why your goal is important and familiar with the information you did not know or understand about your goal, this takes the fear out of it! Take initiative and responsibility in seeing your true goal through to completion. Once you are familiar, there is less fear and you become more grounded in your approach.

8. Make Every Effort: to do something each day that brings you closer to your goal. You will do this now, because you understand why you want to reach this goal, what it means to you and the fear behind it is gone. You will make the effort now because your are aware of the fact that you love and respect yourself more and deserve to make the effort.

9. The Honoring of Ourselves: is something we tend to lose sight of, especially as we grow older. "Excuse instead of action" seems to be the norm, instead of the exception. Honoring everyone else first (husband, wife, children, family, friends, colleagues) is the path we so often go down first, before we take care of our own needs. If you are not in tip top (mind, body, spirit) shape, how can you effectively care for others?

10. The attaining of your goal is one of the most rewarding and self gratifying accomplishments we can do for ourselves. And guess what? You deserve every single bit of it!

Andrew Pacholyk, MS. L.Ac
Therapies for healing
mind, body, spirit

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