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Sunday, February 27, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Tap to Freedom


I probably don't need to convince you that EFT works. :)
You know it, I know it and the exciting thing is... the WORLDis starting to know it!
But even though you probably know how well tapping works,you might not realize just how powerful it can be in creatingthe life of your dreams.
I'm talking about being able to do, be and have anythingand everything you want from life.
Whether it be financial abundance, or spiritual abundanceor just plain 'ole happiness.
This weird tapping technique CAN be the ticket to making allthis happen.
Today, I want to share with you a video that shows you howto use tapping to create the life of your dreams.
It's by Jack Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Souland featured expert in the hit film "The Secret." You can see thevideo here:
In this f.r.e.e. video, Jack shares:
-How holding on to past events and traumas is holding youback from creating the future you most desire...
(And how you can easily figure out and release what's holdingyou back in your life)
-The immediate results Jack experienced when he first tried EFT
-Why you may not be getting the results you want with theLaw of Attraction for a reason... (His explanation about howthe mind works will blow you away!)
-The story of the "Golden Buddha"… (This story is so heart-warmingand educational! You'll love hearing it!)
This video is part of the Tapping World Summit Video Series, the"warmup" in a sense to the main event itself, which starts onFebruary 21st. (It's an online audio event and 100% f.r.e.e. to attend)
Last year over 100,000 people attended this event online, and in 2009over 81,000 people attended online. Needless to say this is a one of akind event...
So go check out this video, and once you're inside, you'll see theearly bird registration for the summit, so lock-in your spot for that as well.
Enjoy the video! :)
Mohd Ismail
P.S. If you've been waiting for a way share EFT with your friends and family,this video is the PERFECT opportunity to do so.
When they hear from Jack Canfield, a massively successful author,speaker and leader, talk about how Tapping changed his life, they'lllikely be hooked and explore it further (and get the amazing resultsthat come from using tapping)
Share this link with them today:

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