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Saturday, February 19, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] bad migraine, xenoestrogens, progesterone cream


Hi Everyone,
I have a question regarding a very bad migraine I suffered yesterday. I'm wondering what of the new supplements I'm taking could have caused it. I used to get frequent migraines years ago. After seeing a holistic doctor and getting several tests, we found out I had some food allergies and sensitivities. Since changing my diet, I haven't had such a bad migraine.

I'm 51, suffering from hot flashes. The hot flashes are getting very bothersome and interrupting my sleep. No cycle for almost one year. I decided to use progesterone cream again. Using one of the brands recommended by Dr. Lee, I used it twice a day for almost a week when the migraine hit. Now I'm wondering if xenoestrogens I've exposed myself to could be the cause of the migraine. I was using some body butter I had purchased without realizing there were parabens it. In fact I had been using a lot of it at work the previous evening since my hands were quite red and raw from the cleanser we have to use. I work in a nursing home. Even though I've cut out bottled water and am using a decent water filter, I realized I was warming my food in plastic containers more often lately. I've been doing some research and am wondering if using the progesterone resensitized my estrogen receptors which I read will happen and cause a temporarily worse migraine headache.

Other new supplements I've started the past week include Coenzyme Q10 400mg once a day, Holy Basil I tried two capsules or 800mg the day before the migraine. Also antronex by Standard Process because of feeling really crappy, sometimes it's allergy related so I started this again three days before the migraine.

I do sometimes get a migraine from eating chocolate and I have eaten some dark chocolate. But this migraine was actually worse then those and I haven't eaten chocolate in about a week. The other possibility is having eaten at work the evening before I might have gotten something that I was reacting to. And I wonder if crushing the medications at work to give to residents causes me to take in some small quantities of them and perhaps I reacted to that. Finally, it was a very stressful evening the night before. But the only thing that is different is using the progesterone cream and starting those supplements I mentioned.

So, I'm trying to figure this out. If anyone has any thoughts about it, I'd appreciate hearing them.
Thanks to Dr. Bates for his suggestions regarding Vitamin C. I've staved off a cold a few times using it. I've also recommended it to friends and one of them believes he did the same.

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