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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Crystals Associated with Love and Romance


Good Morning!

Crystals Associated with Love and Romance

Crystals, gemstones and minerals have played apart throughout history as ancient relics, symbols of power, wealth and glory and have been given as tokens of affection! Over the centuries, crystals have been given as gifts of love and affection, used in love spells, ground and made into dyes to color cerimonial marriage gowns and utilized as perfume bottles, natural remedies and worn as jewelry. Crystals have a very special place in the subtle energy therapies and a modality I always honor. Here you will find my tribute to "Love Stones", which help to generate self love, affection, romance and beauty!

"Love Stones" : Heart Healing and Rhodochrosite

Gentle, yet probably the most vibrant loving stone to heal the Heart Chakra, especially for giving/receiving love. This is the "Stone of Love and Balance". Also for loneliness, loss, heartache, fear, insecurities, inner-child issues, abuse, and coping with incest. This stone helps us recognize self-forgiveness, deservingness and trust issues. It is a powerful stone for spiritual-and self-love, a desire to live and to help us find purpose. It is best worn 24 hours a day. Rhodichrosite has an electromagnetic pulse. Most effective for opening the heart healing Chakra. It is used in times of transition by providing comfort and support. Helps you alleviate irrational fears and paranoia. Will enhance the dream state.

"Love Stones": Intimacy and Garnet

Intimacy is feeling close and connected to someone (developed through sharing and very good communications over time). Intimacy is what makes you want to share and offer emotional and material support to each other. Intimacy implies the desire to strengthen our moral character in a relationship. It allows us to find and keep, as well as show our best side to others. Garnet stimulates creativity, passion, and the circulatory system. The brighter the better. Red garnet stimulates the Root and Spleen Chakra. It is a warming stone and energizes us emotionally and physically. It is also a very grounding stone. Used by ancient cultures to stimulate life force and sexuality, hormone balance, fertility, persistence, stamina, passion, confidence (and stubbornness). This stone is Yang in nature Red represent love and helps the wearer to strive for improvement in moral conduct. Garnets teach patience and constancy. They develop love and compassion. They sharpen self-perception and extend that openness to others.

"Love Stones": Love, Beauty and Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz represents love, beauty, peacefulness, forgiving, lovingness, self-love and emotional balance! Rose Quartz works with the Heart Chakra. It is a soft, gentle, soothing stone that warms the heart center. Its value as a nurturing friend cannot be overstated. Neither can it's soothing influence. Helps diffuse negative stimuli and uncomfortable memories. Helps us discover the ability to love ourselves and makes us more open to other people. It is of particular value in helping us to forgive ourselves, hastening self-acceptance. Helps us realize that all change is important, even difficult change. Stimulates love and tender appreciation of all things.

"Love Stones": Love, Empowerment and Kunzite

Kunzite is a powerful, high level stone. It is used against negative energy and empowers positive and loving thoughts. Most effective on the Heart Chakra , it opens the emotional heart and spiritual heart. It represents unconditional lovingness and compassion. Used for healing abuse/loss/addictions. Helps emotional balance, confidence, connection to higher self and oneness. Kunzite is also used on the Brow and Crown Chakra for the reason that it deepens altered states: psychic readings, healing...being centered emotionally and spiritually. Strengthens healers and teachers.

"Love Stones": Sexual Energies and Carnelian

Sexual relations can be the most intimate and satisfying communication two people experience. Yet sex is difficult for people to talk about, let alone improve, when problems occur. We are all sexual beings. It is important to acknowledge and always celebrate this fact. We are sexual beings so it's natural that we are sexually attracted to others. Carnelian represents confidence, boldness, initiative, dramatic abilities, assertiveness, outgoingness. Precision, analysis, appetite, awareness of feelings. Used at both the Sexual/Spleen Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra, this stone warms emotions, passion, sexuality, physical energy, celebration, and the reproductive system. Helps you feel anchored and comfortable with your surroundings. Provides a connection to the past or to historical events. Strongly influences the reproductive organs. This stone can improve motivation. Helps one achieve greater success in career or personal matters. Carnelian helps ground people who meditate.

"Love Stones": Compassion and Passion with Tourmaline

This stone is a powerful, electromagnetic, striated gem. It's rainbow colors strengthen body and spirit (and meridians), transmutes lower frequency thought (energy) to a higher frequency of light. It brings light (spirit) into the physical. Radiates light protection for the wearer and clears our higher frequency. Watermelon Tourmaline draws love. This inspiring stone is best used to understand the lesson of compassion, passion, depth of heart with life-force and grounding energy. With this stone in your life, it can help emotional and spiritual love (light pink) expressed in the physical heart (Green). This stone has a yin/yang balance.

Andrew Pacholyk, MS. L.Ac
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