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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fw: [AlternativeAnswers] Ear problems 2ND TRY


Anyone? Just wondering if anyone has even any direction of a good source for me
to investigate this topic? Anyone hear of a practitioner or friend who's had any
experience with ear/hearing problems? (see earlier post)

thank you

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Subject: [AlternativeAnswers] Ear problems

My daughter has been tested to have bad hearing and just started wearing hearing
aids. The otolaryngologist she started seeing has said

1. her eardrums are stretched and damaged
2. her stapies bone (one of the tiny 3 in each ear) is deteriorated
3. her adenoids are not shrunken as appropriate to her age

He wants to do surgery to firm up the eardrums, repair the bone with cartelidge
from behind the ear, and remove the adenoids if they seem enlarged to the point
that they are blocking her hearing at all.

Although the entire thing is very concerning, I am especially confused about the
adenoid part. The doctor explained he would not remove these unless it seemed to
contribute towards the overall ability to hear, and if they are unusually large.
From what I read, the presence of a large adenoid is only a marker for some
deeper problem, and obviously the surgeon is not concerned with this. I can not
afford to consult with a homeopath or the type of naturopath I would like to, so
I'm looking here for help.


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