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Wednesday, November 24, 2010



A depressed
man once told the reverend that
he had nothing left to live for. "Everything is gone, life is
hopeless," the man told him. "I'm living in the depths of darkness.
In fact, I've lost heart in life altogether."

The reverend smiled sympathetically.
"Let's take a look at your situation," he said calmly. On a sheet of
paper he drew a vertical line down the middle. He suggested that they list on the left side the things the man had
lost, and on the right, the things he had left with him now.

"You won't need that column on the
right side," said the man sadly. "I have nothing left."

The reverend asked, "When did your
wife leave you?"

"What do you mean? She hasn't left
me. My wife loves me!"

"That's great!" said the
reverend enthusiastically. "Then that will be number one in the right-hand
column—Wife hasn't left. Now, when were your children jailed?"

"That's silly. My children aren't in

"Good! That's number two in the
right-hand column—Children not in jail," said the reverend, jotting it

After a few more questions in the same
vein, the man finally got the point and smiled in spite of himself. "Funny, how things change when you
think of them that way," he said.

The man in this story did not realise the value of what he possessed
in his misery over what he did not have!

Similarly every
organisation goes to great lengths to bring on board star performers who
they feel will help the organization soar to new heights.  What is easily forgotten is that these A players are in great demand and
thus are easily led away to other organisations by heftier pay packets or challenging job profiles!


Instead of
placing too many hopes on a few star employees it would benefit any organization in the long run to design the right kind of training programs
for the B and C players that give the necessary
support and coaching to update their skills. These average performers are
the ones who would play a crucial role
in times of transition such as mergers, acquisitions etc.  Hence, they
should be given appropriate training to help them realize their full potential.


For more information on positive attitudinal change and incorporating the right ADDIEtude  in
your training design through our 5 day Certification
Program in Behavioural Training Design, you can contact me at kash@oscarmurphy.com


Sampada Bidikar

Murphy International

Email: diploma_tnd@oscarmurphy.com

Changing Attitudes
Reaching Effectiveness

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